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CTM Weekly Newsletter

This past week's CTM pieces covered Chinese trade remedies and Chinese actions related to food imports, copyright and anti-trust, as well as new trade related developments between China and some Arab states; speeches by Biden administration officials on the Phase

Proposed Legislation on U.S. Leadership in Space Addresses U.S.-China Competition

Republican Congressman Randy Weber of Texas has introduced H.R. 6391, the U.S. Leadership

China Rolls Out Final Trade Remedy Rulings on U.S. PPO

On January 6, China's Ministry of Commerce issued its final anti-dumping and countervailing duty rulings

Chinese Foreign Minister Discusses Trade and BRI with GCC Delegates

The Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs is in a week-long series of meetings with a

Katherine Tai Comments on U.S.-EU Cooperation on China Trade Challenges

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai spoke today at an event hosted by The Institute

Canada and Taiwan To Discuss Foreign Investment Agreement

Canada and Taiwan have announced that they are exploring the possibility of a foreign investment

China Starts Expiry Reviews of Trade Remedies on U.S. Dried Grains

China's trade remedy bureau recently announced that it would start an expiry review of anti-dumping

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WTO & Trade Agreements

WTO General Council Meeting in October Shows Continuing Conflict Over Appointment of Taiwanese Chair of GPA Committee

In October, we reported that at the October 7-8 General Council meeting, the United States put forward a "Room Document" (RD/GC/16) in support of the appointment of Ms

Japan, U.S., Other Members Raise Concerns with China's Cybersecurity Measures at WTO Meeting

At a WTO meeting of the Council for Trade in Services on October 22, 2021, Japan and the U.S. put China's cybersecurity measures on the agenda. These two Members,

Highlights from Question & Answer Phase of China's Trade Policy Review

On December 22, the WTO circulated the question and answer part of China's Trade Policy Review. The full document is 562 pages and contains hundreds of questions and answers, so

China Agrees To Use Arbitration Appeal Mechanism in WTO Wine Dispute With Australia

In a WTO complaint by Australia against Chinese anti-dumping duties on Australian wine (DS602), China and Australia have agreed to procedures for using an alternative mechanism for a potential appeal

Chinese Laws & Cases

China Opens Market to More Food Imports from Rwanda and Belarus

China recently announced that it would start allowing imports of Rwandan stevia and additional beef products from Belarus, starting immediately.

Chinese Market Regulation Agency Punishes More Companies Amid Anti-Trust Crackdown

On January 5, China's State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) issued 13 administrative decisions to fine tech companies, including Tencent and Alibaba, for violating anti-monopoly laws by not declaring a

New Chinese Trade Policies Kick Off the New Year

As we entered 2022 last week, several new Chinese policies came into force at the start of the New Year, covering tariffs, trade rules, and investment.

China Finalizes Rules on Cybersecurity Review, With Implications for Overseas Listings

Yesterday, China updated its Measures on Cybersecurity Review. The update will replace the current rules and serve as the legal basis for ongoing and future cybersecurity reviews. The new rules

Foreign Laws & Cases

Proposed Legislation on U.S. Leadership in Space Addresses U.S.-China Competition

Republican Congressman Randy Weber of Texas has introduced H.R. 6391, the U.S. Leadership in Space Act of 2021. The legislation has several sections that specifically address competition with

Government Contractors Agree To Pay Close to $1 Million to U.S. Government To Resolve Allegations They Illegally Used Chinese Containers and Steel

The U.S. federal government reached a settlement last week with two government contractors accused of fraudulently using Chinese containers and steel in their contracts with the Department of Defense.

2020 Defense Bill Provision on U.S. Purchases of BYD Electric Buses Comes Into Effect

As part of the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act for 2020 (the annual U.S. defense spending bill), which became law on December 20, 2019, there was a provision

U.S. Defense Bill Prohibits Certain Procurement from Xinjiang Region

In the $768 billion U.S. defense spending bill that Congress recently passed (National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022, H.R.4350), there is a provision that prohibits

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