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Study: Chinese Rescue Loans are "Bailouts on the Belt and Road"

A recent report published by researchers from the World Bank and several academic institutions describes China as an emerging lender of rescue loans over the past two decades. Analyzing 128 rescue loans worth $240 billion, the report sets out some

EU Announces Progress on Anti-Coercion Instrument, Chinese Actions Possible Target

Today, the European Parliament, the EU Council, and the European Commission announced a "breakthrough" on

U.S. Congressional Hearing on Pacific Islands Addresses China Threat

Last week, the House Foreign Affairs Committee's Indo-Pacific subscommittee held a hearing on "Renewed U.

Chinese Officials Reassure Foreign Executives during Meetings

Chinese officials met with a number of executives of international firms, including Qualcomm, Apple, BMW

New Report on Chinese Lending in Latin America and the Caribbean

A new report by a pair of scholars looks at Chinese lending in Latin America

Law Review Article Considers Huawei ISDS Complaint against Sweden

A new law review article discusses the Huawei investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) challenge to the

More China-Honduras Trade May Be On the Way after Diplomatic Relations Established

Today, China and Honduras established a formal diplomatic relationship and a top Chinese official said

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WTO & Trade Agreements

China Trade Issues Discussed at December 2022 WTO Council for Trade in Services Meeting

At a meeting of the WTO's Council for Trade in Services on December 8, 2022, several trade issues involving China that had been raised previously were on the agenda again.

At WTO Meeting, U.S, China Spar over Government Guidance Fund Support for Semiconductor Industry

At a special meeting of the WTO Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures in October 2022, the United States and China discussed practices related to a Chinese "government guidance fund"

China Proposes Multilateral Discussions on Trade Aspects/Implications of Environmental Measures

At the March 15 meeting of the WTO Committee on Trade and Environment (CTE), China presented its proposal for "dedicated multilateral discussions on the trade aspects and implications of certain

China-Related Anti-Dumping Issues Discussed at Latest WTO Anti-Dumping Committee Meeting

At the October 26, 2022 meeting of the WTO Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices, a number of issues were raised by China in relation to other Members’ anti-dumping laws and practices,

Chinese Laws & Cases

China Suspends Some Meat Imports due to Animal Disease Concerns

China's Customs agency issued multiple notices recently to suspend poultry, pork and horse products from certain countries in the wake of animal diseases.

China Resumes Some Fish Imports from Taiwan

China announced that it will resume some fish imports from Taiwan, a first step in the thawing of economic relations across the strait, with trade in additional products potentially restored

Debating China's Courts and Intellectual Property

A recent Wall Street Journal article on China's use of courts in the area of intellectual property protection prompted a critical response from a leading U.S. expert on Chinese

A Reality Check on Foreign Investment in China

How is foreign investment doing in China? It depends who you ask. The Chinese government has worked to attract foreign investment, but in the face of economic slowdowns and a

Foreign Laws & Cases

EU Announces Progress on Anti-Coercion Instrument, Chinese Actions Possible Target

Today, the European Parliament, the EU Council, and the European Commission announced a "breakthrough" on the main outstanding issues in the legislative process of the Anti-Coercion Instrument (ACI), bringing the

Outgoing World Bank Head Talks China Lending; New Legislation Introduced on Issue

World Bank lending to China was in the news twice last week, as the outgoing President of the World Bank discussed it in an interview and a group of U.

Republican Senator Introduces Latest Bill To Withdraw China PNTR

Earlier this week, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) introduced a bill to withdraw Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) from China, which would raise tariffs on Chinese imports. This bill is one

New U.S. Data Shows Over A Quarter of Detained Chinese Shipments Have Been Denied Entry under UFLPA

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released enforcement data for the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), showing the number of detained shipments from China and the rest of

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