China Trade Monitor is a news reporting and analysis service that goes beyond the headlines to provide comprehensive in-depth coverage of China-related trade issues. It covers these issues from both sides of the relationship: What is China doing with its trade policies, and how is the rest of the world acting towards China?

The goal of China Trade Monitor is to provide an objective source of information about the wide range of issues related to trade, investment, and economic relations with China more broadly. China Trade Monitor covers traditional trade policy issues,  “trade and …” issues, and issues that have implications for trade, such as national security, human rights and competition policy/antitrust. The main topics include:

  • trade agreements, negotiations, and disputes
  • trade remedies
  • domestic legislation, regulation, and litigation
  • digital trade
  • investment
  • intellectual property
  • environment
  • labor rights

China Trade Monitor was created in 2021 by Simon Lester and Huan Zhu (full bios below). Simon and Huan have years of experience working on China related trade issues. Recently, they have watched China-U.S. trade relations take a negative turn. China's integration into the world trading system has been contentious, and in the current geopolitical environment, the future of the system seems uncertain. Close monitoring and understanding of China issues is more important than ever.

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Simon Lester, President of China Trade Monitor. Lester is the co-founder of the website Previously, he worked for the trade law practice of a Washington, DC, law firm; as a legal affairs officer at the Appellate Body Secretariat of the World Trade Organization; and as the Associate Director of the Cato Institute's trade policy center. He has taught courses on international trade law at American University’s Washington College of Law, the University of Michigan Law School, and Melbourne Law School.

Huan Zhu, Vice-President of China Trade Monitor. Zhu has a background in international economic law, intellectual property law, and comparative law. Previously, Zhu worked at the Cato Institute, where her research primarily focused on U.S.-China trade relations, WTO negotiations and disputes, and China’s trade and investment laws and policies; and also worked with business associations and law firms.