On October 12, China’s Ministry of Commerce issued an expiry review determination for the anti-dumping duties currently in effect on Polyamide-6,6 slices/chips originating in the United States. In the determination, No. 29 Announcement (link in Chinese) of 2021, MOFCOM decided to continue to impose anti-dumping duties of up to 37.5% on U.S. imports for another five years, starting on October 13, 2021.

Polyamide-6,6 slices/chips are a type of a synthetic resin, widely used in electronic appliances, military industries, automobiles, railway accessories, textiles and other fields. The product subject to the investigation falls under HS code 39081011, excluding modified polyamide -6,6 slices (by adding glass fiber, minerals, toughening agents, flame retardants via screw-secondary mixing).

The expiry review found that if the anti-dumping measures are terminated, the dumping of imported polyamide-6,6 slices/chips originating in the United States may continue or recur in China, and the damage caused to the domestic industry may continue or reoccur.

As a result, in this expiry review determination, MOFCOM decided to continue applying the 31.4 percent anti-dumping duties on Ascend Performance Materials Operations LLC, 25.2 percent on INVISTA S.A.R.L, and 37.5 percent on all other American companies.

MOFCOM has been applying antidumping measures (link in Chinese) on Polyamide-6,6 imports from the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and the “Taiwan region” since October 12, 2009. The anti-dumping measures for the United States were extended in 2015 (and through the determination discussed above have been extended again), while antidumping measures against other regions were terminated in 2015 or 2020.