Huan Zhu

Biden Administration Further Cracks Down On Huawei Ahead of Blinken Visit

Multiple media sources have reported that the Biden Administration has stopped issuing licenses for all exports of U.S. products to China's tech giant Huawei, extending an existing ban on sales to Huawei. This will be another blow to Huawei's business, and could further increase the tension in the already

China Approves Seafood from Comoros

Earlier this month, China's customs agency announced that it started allowing seafood from the Union of Comoros (a small country made up of three islands in southeastern Africa). The move is unlikely to change the bilateral trade patterns in the short term, and may be more important as part of

Interview with China Expert Scott Kennedy on US-China Relations (Part II)

In the second part of China Trade Monitor's interview with Scott Kennedy, he talked about how the Chinese leadership views the relationship with the United States and sees its non-market policies in the context of bilateral trade relations. Kennedy is senior adviser and Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics

U.S. Sanctions Chinese Satellite Firm for Involvement in Russian Military Operation

Last week, the U.S. government sanctioned a Chinese company for providing assistance to the Russian military in the Ukraine war. The company later issued a statement denying any involvement.

Experts Debate Possibilities for U.S.-China Economic Cooperation

This week, the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) hosted a debate on the following proposition: "China can work with the United States to provide cooperative global economic leadership to help the world economy function effectively." Two experts made arguments for and against the proposition.

Beijing Approves More Foreign Financial Companies

The Chinese government has sped up regulatory approval on foreign financial service business in recent months, after an official vowed last year to do more to "attract more outstanding international companies and talents to China's capital market."

U.S./Chinese Leaders Spar on Zambia Debt Issues

U.S. Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen's recent statements on China being a "barrier" to resolving the debt issues in Zambia provoked a harsh response from the Chinese government.
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