This past week, CTM covered the following issues:

  • China's announcement of policy measures to stabilize domestic supply chains and create a unified domestic market; updates on trade remedy measures, tariffs, and March trade data; a data leakage case related to a high-speed rail operation; and the issuance of "typical cases" related to the development of the BRI.
  • A U.S. government report on China's economic coercion against several U.S. companies, and a U.S. government hearing on "Challenging China’s Trade Practices."
  • WTO meetings that discussed various Chinese trade measures, including anti-suit injunctions.
  • Think tank/academic papers and events that discussed U.S-China economic relations, China's general presence in Africa, and China's role in lending to Africa and "debt-trap diplomacy."
  • An EU business association's recommendations to improve the business environment and development in the southwest region of China.
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