Simon Lester

U.S. Air Force Official Warns of Security Risks of Chinese Corn Mill Investment in North Dakota

A Chinese investment in a North Dakota corn mill facility was formally approved by a U.S. federal government body last month, but there is continued political pressure to block the investment. A U.S. Air Force official has now weighed in with concerns.

U.S. Congressmen Introduce Legislation To Withdraw China's Permanent Normal Trade Relations Status

Two Republican Congressmen have introduced legislation that would revoke China's permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) status. This legislation, if enacted, would lead to annual reviews, linked to human rights concerns, of U.S. tariffs on China.

Legislation on U.S. TikTok Ban Introduced, Committee Vote and TikTok Testimony to Congress Coming Soon

There have been a number of recent developments on actions by the U.S. federal government related to TikTok, including newly introduced legislation to ban it nationwide, a new House Committee scrutinizing TikTok, and upcoming testimony before a House committee by TikTok's CEO.

U.S. Appeals Two WTO Panel Rulings on National Security Issues Related to China

At Friday's meeting of the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), there were discussions of U.S. appeals of panel reports on complaints by Hong Kong and by China, both of which involved a U.S. invocation of national security as a defense.

U.S. Court Rejects Nigerian Sovereign Immunity Defense in Lawsuit over Arbitration Award on Chinese Investment

In an opinion issued last week, a U.S. court ruled against Nigeria's motion to dismiss a lawsuit by a Chinese company trying to enforce an international investment arbitration award.

WTO Panels Established To Hear EU Complaints against China

At Friday's meeting of the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), panels were established in two complaints brought against China by the EU, related to allegations about China's trade restrictions imposed on Lithuania and about restrictions on EU companies going to a foreign court to protect and use their patents.

Members of Congress Try To Undo Biden Administration Tariff Pause

A bipartisan group of members of Congress have introduced legislation to "roll back" a Biden administration action that suspends tariffs on solar imports from four Southeast Asian countries that are subject to an investigation into whether Chinese producers of solar products had shifted production to these countries in order to
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