This past week, CTM covered the following issues:

  • China's plan for demonstration zones for intellectual property rights, a draft regulation on standard contracts related to personal information exports, imports of citrus fruit from Zimbabwe, and new tariff exclusions.
  • Proposed U.S. legislation that restricts financial transactions connected to Xinjiang, Congressional pressure for an investigation of TikTok, and new oil-related sanctions affecting sales to China.
  • Tension between Chinese and U.S. officials on behavior and actions related to space programs.
  • Pressure from an Australian Senator against TikTok, and the New Zealand Prime Minister's foreign policy speech.
  • U.S. submissions to the WTO on Chinese food-related regulations.
  • Think tank pieces and papers on blocking of Chinese investments in Italy, China's accession to the CPTPP, U.S.-China relations, and China's dominance of the solar sector.
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