This past week, CTM covered the following issues.

In China:

  • Negotiations on a free trade agreement between China and Sri Lanka
  • Imports of Uzbek French beans allowed
  • ZTE deal with Thai company in 5G sector

In the U.S.:

  • Submissions in annual review of China's WTO compliance
  • White House comments on CHIPS Act and outbound investment screening
  • Legislation passed by the House of Representatives on notification of foreign subsidies in mergers, and proposed legislation on a China Grand Strategy Commission and on sanctions on YMTC
  • Statements by Congressmen on export controls and investment screening
  • Potential coverage of state government laws banning public procurement from Chinese government-linked companies, and state subsidies to attract an investment by a Chinese battery maker

In the rest of the world:

  • A report that some Taiwanese businesses are moving away from both mainland China and Taiwan
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