This past week, CTM covered the following issues.

In China:

  • President Xi's address to the Communist Party Congress
  • Local government measures to encourage semiconductor/tech investment
  • Guidelines released for importing edible aquatic animals from Papua New Guinea

In the United States:

  • Biden administration warning about risk of Chinese tech products, threats to cybersecurity
  • GOP Senators warn about Huawei semiconductor plant
  • Experts discuss "China shock"
  • Apple pauses plan to use YMTC chips
  • U.S.-Taiwan trade issues

In the rest of the world:

  • Concerns in the EU about airport deal for Chinese baggage-scanning equipment
  • EU anti-dumping decision involving consideration of CCP role
  • Review of Chinese investment in German port
  • New UK deadlines in Huawei 5G removal
  • Singapore and Australia PMs discuss China trade issues
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