Due to the recent holidays, this week's newsletter is for the past two weeks. Over this time, CTM conducted an interview with former European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström, and also covered the following issues.

In China:

  • Lower tariffs on a wide range of products.
  • Extension of anti-dumping tariffs on optical fiber.
  • Antitrust fine against database publisher.

In the U.S.:

  • Enacted legislation with a provision on disclosure of foreign subsidies in merger cases.
  • Proposed legislation calling for an executive branch report about trade integration with China.

In other parts of the world:

  • Australian trade minister offers comments on China-Australia trade relationship; reports of easing of Chinese restrictions on Australian coal.
  • Zimbabwe adopts measures to encourage Chinese lithium mining companies to do more processing in Zimbabwe.

At the WTO:

  • Meetings discuss concerns about Chinese trade measures and Chinese concerns with other governments' trade measures.
  • CTM review of U.S. government documents on China's WTO accession.
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