This past week, CTM covered the following issues.

In China:

  • Plans to improve the unified domestic market
  • Official comments on Japan-China bilateral relations
  • Cooperation agreements signed with Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Opposition to U.S.-Taiwan trade deal

In the U.S.:

  • AD/CVD decisions on Chinese imports
  • Congressional criticism of World Bank contracts going to Chinese companies
  • Congressional calls for a response to Micron decision
  • Trade remedy legislation targeting Chinese BRI subsidies
  • In a civil lawsuit, plaintiff brought up issues related to CCP having access to Bytedance's U.S. data
  • Views of Republican presidential candidate on China-U.S. trade relations

In other parts of the world:

  • UK removing Chinese-made surveillance equipment
  • China's comments at EU WTO trade policy review
  • Trade expert James Bacchus talks about future of WTO
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