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Business Surveys Show Degree of Optimism about the Chinese Market

Two recent business surveys show that over the first half of 2023, the majority of foreign companies are optimistic about the Chinese market. More companies reported revenue increases than companies reporting revenue losses, and among the latter, Americans firms experienced higher losses compared to other companies.

A Reality Check on Foreign Investment in China

How is foreign investment doing in China? It depends who you ask. The Chinese government has worked to attract foreign investment, but in the face of economic slowdowns and a challenging international policy environment, it will have to do more to beef up international economic engagement in this area.

Survey Shows 4 out of 5 Businesses Staying in China; Concerns About Policy Environment and US-China Tensions Remain

Recent survey shows that while most American companies are confident in the Chinese market, they are nonetheless concerned about China's regulatory and policy environment, U.S.-China tensions and rising labor costs.
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