Foreign Investment in China

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Republican Members of Congress Introduce Legislation on Divestment from Chinese Companies

Last week, two Republican members of Congress introduced legislation that they say would "force non-profits, university endowments, public pension plans, and any other tax-exempt entity to divest from Chinese companies or lose their tax-exempt status."

Chinese Manufacturing, Investment Uncertain Due to Covid Controls

As data on China's manufacturing and service sectors shows a contraction in November, its future as a manufacturing giant and foreign business destination may depend on whether the government can walk a fine line between safeguarding its people's health and safety while resuming most business and consumer activities.

Beijing Outlines 17 Measures to Revive Industrial Sectors

Yesterday, three Chinese government agencies outlined 17 measures for different sectors and regions to "revive" the industrial sector of the economy, including the use of government funds to expand investment, and policies to stabilize foreign investment and exports. This came at a time when China faces economic pressures from dwindling

China Issues New Catalog To Encourage Foreign Investment

Last week, China issued the 2022 version of the Catalog of Encouraged Industries for Foreign Investment, with a goal of strengthening the supply chain and accelerating technology upgrades in chipmaking, biomass technology, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Beijing Rolls Out New Measures To Support Foreign Investment

China's planning agency released a series of measures to support foreign investment in key sectors, including advanced manufacturing and modern services.

China Opens Some Service Sectors to Foreign Investment in a Pilot Program

According to a recent document issued by China's State Council, Shanghai, Hainan and other cities are opening tourism and elderly care to foreign investment as part of a three-year pilot program. This is the latest move for the nation to attract foreign investment, with its economy facing pressures from both

Amidst Tension and Competition, Taiwanese Companies Are Moving, U.S. Think Tank Finds

In a new report, a scholar at a U.S. think tank found that some Taiwanese businesses are moving away from both mainland China and Taiwan, with the majority targeting Southeast Asia, in the midst of concerns about growing tensions and competition. But "[t]he economies on the two sides
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