Foreign Investment in China

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A Reality Check on Foreign Investment in China

How is foreign investment doing in China? It depends who you ask. The Chinese government has worked to attract foreign investment, but in the face of economic slowdowns and a challenging international policy environment, it will have to do more to beef up international economic engagement in this area.

Taiwan's Restrictions on Foreign Investment into China

In a recent episode of the Trade Talks podcast, host Chad Bown talked to Cindy Whang of Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan about "Why Taiwan restricts high-tech investment into China."

New Chinese Premier Sends Positive Signals on Business

New Chinese Premier Li Qiang had his first press conference today as China's premier, and tried to send some positive signals about economic development, the private sector and the U.S.-China relationship.

China's Banking Regulator Fines Standard Chartered and Four Other Banks

China’s banking and insurance regulator has recently imposed nearly 400 million yuan fines on five banks, including the Chinese unit of UK lender Standard Chartered Bank, for various violations of laws and regulations.

U.S. House Committee Holds Hearing on Chinese Economic Threats

The U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee held a hearing yesterday on "Combatting the Economic Threat from China." Issues that were discussed at the hearing included: bilateral trade, outbound and inbound investment related to China, Chinese lending, TikTok, and China's presence in Latin American and African countries.

China Tries to Bring in Foreign Capital for Tech R&D

Facing increasingly restricted access to advanced technology through export controls, investment screening and other measures, the Chinese government recently issued several measures to encourage foreign investment in research and development (R&D) and attract talented people.

Beijing Approves More Foreign Financial Companies

The Chinese government has sped up regulatory approval on foreign financial service business in recent months, after an official vowed last year to do more to "attract more outstanding international companies and talents to China's capital market."
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