China-Australia Relations

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Australian Foreign Investment Review Board Report Offers Latest Data on Chinese Investment Transactions

The Australian Foreign Investment Review Board recently released its annual report covering 2020-2021, documenting the foreign investment transactions it considered during that period. The report offers data related to investment coming into Australia from China.

Australia Looks To Ease Economic Dependence on China, Chinese Foreign Ministry Reacts Harshly To Official Comments

With trade relations between China and Australia going sour in recent years, the Australian government has been seeking to diversify its trading partners, as its officials have made clear by their public statements and which a new trade agreement with India illustrates more concretely. At the same time, a Chinese

Australia Announces Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics [Update: Canada and UK Make Announcements Too]

At a press conference on December 8, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australia "will not be sending any official representatives to the forthcoming Winter Games in China." He cited "the human rights abuses in Xinjiang and the many other issues that Australia has consistently raised" as the reason.

Australian House of Representatives Considers Bill Banning Imports of Goods Made With Forced Labor

As we reported here, in late August, the Australian Senate passed a bill – Customs Amendment (Banning Goods Produced By Forced Labour) Bill 2021 – that would ban imports of goods made with forced labor. Earlier this week, a similar bill was introduced in the House of Representatives and had its second

Key Legal Issues in the WTO Dispute on China’s Anti-Dumping Rulings on Australian Wine

On October 26, a WTO panel was established to hear Australia’s complaint (DS602) about China’s anti-dumping measures on Australian wine. As background, China launched an anti-dumping investigation and a countervailing duty investigation on Australian wine on August 18 and August 31 of 2020, respectively. It issued the preliminary

New Hong Kong Customs Chief Discusses Efforts to Stop Smuggling of Australian Lobsters to Mainland

Ho Pui-shan (Louise Ho) became Hong Kong’s new Commissioner of Customs and Excise on October 21. During the press conference (link in Cantonese) with media after taking the position, she mentioned combatting smuggling as one of the tasks of her agency, including smuggling of Australian lobster, in the context

Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg Speech on "Strategic Competition"

In a speech on September 6, Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg discussed Australia-China economic relations. Acknowledging that Australia is on the "frontline" of strategic competition, he highlighted that the Australian economy is "remarkably resilient" and that it has a "deep trading relationship with many other countries." He began the speech by
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