China-Australia Relations

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Report: China Makes Interim Decision To Remove Australian Wine Duties

News reports indicate that the Chinese government has made an "interim" decision to remove anti-dumping/countervailing duties on Australian wine, although there has been no official announcement to that effect yet.

Australian Trade Minister Expresses Confidence in Resolution of Chinese Wine Tariff Dispute

According to Australian Trade Minister Don Farrell, a resolution of the WTO dispute over Chinese anti-dumping/countervailing duties on wine is still on track.

China Lifts Some Restrictions on Australian Meat Exports

An important source of the China-Australia trade tensions in recent years was Chinese restrictions on Australian beef exports. As China and Australia continue to address these trade tensions, China has now lifted some of its restrictions on Australian meat exporters.

Australian Barley Being Sold in China Again after Tariffs Removed

On December 9, the Australian government announced that Australian exports of barley to China had started up again after the removal of Chinese anti-dumping/countervailing duties following the resolution of a WTO dispute.

Australia-China Meetings Conclude, CPTPP Bid under Scrutiny

Following up on meetings held over the last couple of days, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese continued his meetings with Chinese leaders during his visit to China, discussing trade and various other issues.

Australian Prime Minister, Trade Minister Visit China

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Trade Minister Don Farrell are visiting China, where they have met with Premier Li Qiang in Shanghai and President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

Ahead of Prime Minister Visit, Australia and China Make Progress on Resolving Wine, Wind Tower Trade Disputes

On Saturday, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced that he would travel to China from November 4 to 7, as Australia and China have each taken steps to resolve some ongoing disputes over trade remedies.
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