China-Australia Relations

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Reports Suggest Australia-China Progress on Trade Conflicts

Meetings between Chinese and Australian trade officials last week may have helped with the recent thaw in China-Australia trade relations, with a meeting of high level trade ministers expected soon.

China Easing Restrictions on Australian Coal Exports

Several recent media reports indicate that China may be removing some restrictions on Australian coal imports, which could be a first step towards a broader easing of Australia-China trade conflict.

Australian Trade Minister Comments on Trade Relations with China

Ahead of an anticipated visit to China in February, Australian Trade Minister Don Farrell offered some comments to the media about his view of the state of Australia-China trade relations and specific trade conflicts.

High-Level Officials from China and Australia Meet, Relations May Start to Thaw

Today, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Penny Wong visited China and met with Chinese Premier Wang Yi. Both sides expressed their willingness to push for a thaw in the currently icy bilateral relations and to reset those relations, by restarting dialogues and talks.

Xi Uses G20 Summit To Talk Trade with World Leaders

On the sideline of the G20 Summit on November 15, Chinese president Xi Jinping met with a number of leaders, from Asia-Pacific and Europe to Africa and South America. When meeting with Asia-Pacific and European countries, Xi emphasized a resilient supply chain and non-discriminatory treatment toward Chinese companies. When talking

Australian, Chinese Officials Hint at Compromise on Trade Conflict

Recent statements by Australian and Chinese officials may indicate an effort on both sides to tone down the rhetoric and look for solutions to Australia-China trade tensions that have escalated in recent years, but whether a resolution can be found remains to be seen.

Think Tank Report Examines China-Australia Economic Relations

A new report published by Australian think tank the Lowy Institute examines the current state of trade relations between China and Australia, and makes recommendations for Australia going forward.
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