China-Australia Relations

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Australian Senator Calls Out Didi for Cybersecurity and Privacy Breaches

In recent weeks, Australian Senator James Paterson has pressed Chinese ride sharing company Didi on its privacy policies as they relate to Australian customers.

BYD Selling SUV EVs in Australia

Leading Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker BYD has received approval to sell a low-priced SUV in Australia and has made its first shipment there.

Australian Treasurer Comments on Chinese Coal Import Restrictions; China Responds

A possible easing of tensions in China-Australia relations continues, as reports suggest that China is set to lift a ban on Australian coal. When asked about the possibility, the Australian Treasurer called it a "welcome step" but noted that it had "not yet been officially confirmed." The Chinese Foreign Ministry

Chinese Ambassador to Australia Discusses China-Australia Trade Relations

In a speech at the University of Technology Sydney on June 24, Chinese Ambassador to Australia Xiao Qian offered remarks and took questions on the China-Australia relationship. Overall, the tone of the remarks and the dialogue was positive, and could indicate that improvements in China-Australian relations are possible.

Australian Prime Minister Speaks about Improving China Relations; China Responds

At a press conference yesterday, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, whose party recently won the Australian national elections, was asked several questions about the state of Australia's relations with China.

How Will the New Australian Government Approach Trade Relations with China?

Australia-China relations have deteriorated in recent years, with several formal trade complaints being heard at the WTO, and other disputes taking place in a more informal way. In addition, disagreements and heated rhetoric between the two governments on non-trade issues have spilled over into the economic sphere. After the recent

Australian Foreign Investment Review Board Report Offers Latest Data on Chinese Investment Transactions

The Australian Foreign Investment Review Board recently released its annual report covering 2020-2021, documenting the foreign investment transactions it considered during that period. The report offers data related to investment coming into Australia from China.
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