China-India Relations

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China Launches Anti-Dumping Investigation on Phthalocyanine from India

On March 1, China's MOFCOM announced that it would launch an anti-dumping investigation on phthalocyanine originating from India.

India Bans Most Drone Imports, Chinese Company DJI Most Affected

India recently banned most imports of drones, a policy shift that will have a big impact on Chinese drone makers such as DJI. The ban will shield the Indian industry from this Chinese competition, but how effective it will be in developing domestic manufacturing is unclear.

India Bans 54 Chinese Apps, Citing Privacy, Security Concerns

The Economic Times reported recently that the Indian government has banned over 54 Chinese apps, considering them to be "a threat to privacy and security of Indians." While security is the main issue here, political tensions between the two nations may have amplified the concerns.
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