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Beijing IP Court Finds Apple Liable for Copyright Infringement of Appstore Apps in Recent Rulings

The Beijing IP Court recently ruled in multiple cases that Apple is responsible for copyright infringement that occurred in apps available in its AppStore.

China Joins Two WIPO Treaties after Years of Preparation

China recently joined two key World Intellectual Property Organization' treaties, a move WIPO Director General Daren Tang called "an important development for the global IP ecosystem." After years of preparation, China has adopted changes in its domestic law system to bring it more in line with international

Chinese Copyright Agency Urges No Exclusive Copyright for Digital Music Platforms

The National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) recently met with major music companies, copyright holding companies, and digital music platforms, and asked the relevant parties to not sign exclusive copyright licensing agreements, unless in special circumstances. This is another signal sent by the Chinese government, after it cracked down on
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