Chinese Courts and Rulings

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Chinese IP Courts Defend Foreign Trademarks

China's intellectual property (IP) courts recently ruled in several cases that Chinese companies infringed foreign companies' trademarks or engaged in unfair competition. The foreign trademarks involved include German brand Wilo, Dutch company Atlas Copco, and Japanese company NOK. In one case, the IP Court agreed with the plaintiff that punitive

Chinese Market Regulator Announces Antitrust Investigation on Largest Online Academic Database CNKI

On May 13, China's State Administration for Market Regulation announced that it will start an antitrust investigation of CNKI, an online database for papers and journal articles. CNKI has been in controversies in recent years for overpricing, refusing to provide service, and copyright infringement.

Law Journal Article Looks at Concurrent Proceedings under Chinese BITs and Domestic Courts

A recent article in the ICSID Review examines a German investment in China, and how a government expropriation was challenged in domestic courts and before an international tribunal.

Chinese Media Reports on Railway Data Leakage Case

Chinese state media recently reported on a data leakage case related to a high-speed rail operation involving a foreign company that has foreign government ties.

China's SPC Issues Typical Cases related to BRI

China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) recently issued the third batch of typical cases related to the development of the Belt and Road Initiative. According to the SPC, the issuance of typical cases will "give full play to the exemplary role of various typical cases of disputes involving the development of

China's Market Regulator Fines French Financing Company for Antitrust Violations

China's State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) recently decided to impose a fine on a French financing company because it failed to comply with Chinese antitrust law when acquiring a Chinese firm.

Beijing IP Court Issues Typical Anti-Trust Cases

On March 16, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court held a press conference in which it provided a summary report report on ten typical anti-trust cases. Officials also introduced the newly established Competition and Monopoly Committee.
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