Foreign Courts and Rulings

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UK Government Sued on Xinjiang Forced/Prison Labor Imports

In a hearing before Britain’s High Court this week, a Uyghur rights group argued that the British government has failed to investigate the importation of cotton produced with forced labor in Xinjiang, in violation of UK law.

Federal Judge Rules that Hytera's Antitrust Claims against Motorola Can Go Forward

In an opinion issued last week, a U.S. federal judge in Illinois found that most of the claims in Chinese radio company Hytera's antitrust lawsuit against rival Motorola can go forward.

Swedish Appeals Court Upholds Government’s High-Risk Vendor Designation of Huawei

A Swedish Administrative Court of Appeal recently upheld a lower court's ruling in support of a government decision to ban Huawei equipment in its 5G market, citing national security concerns.

Chinese Company Charged with Stealing Motorola Technology

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced a federal indictment against the Chinese company Hytera Communications Corp. Ltd based on an allegation of "conspiracy to commit theft of trade secrets."

Canadian Court Rules Against China Mobile Challenge To Divestment Order

In September, we wrote about a legal challenge by telecom company China Mobile to a Canadian government order, issued on the basis of national security concerns, that it sell off or wind down its Canadian investments. Last month, a Canadian court rejected this challenge. This piece summarizes some of the

Government Contractors Agree To Pay Close to $1 Million to U.S. Government To Resolve Allegations They Illegally Used Chinese Containers and Steel

The U.S. federal government reached a settlement last week with two government contractors accused of fraudulently using Chinese containers and steel in their contracts with the Department of Defense. The settlement involves a monetary payment as well as training and reporting requirements.

Chinese Purchase of Korean Semiconductor Company Rejected in CFIUS Review

In mid-September, we wrote about [] a CFIUS review of a proposed purchase of a South Korean semiconductor company by a Chinese equity fund. The purchase has now been cancelled, as it could not obtain approval from CFIUS. In March of this year, the South Korean
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