Foreign Courts and Rulings

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CFIUS and Korean Government Finishing up Security Review of Chinese Purchase of Korean Semiconductor Company

Based on a review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), President Biden may soon issue a decision to block the purchase of a South Korean semiconductor company by a Chinese equity fund due to national security concerns, although the outcome is still uncertain at this

Chinese Telecom Company Challenges Order to Divest Its Canadian Investment

The telecom company China Mobile International (CMI) has filed a legal challenge to a Canadian government order, issued on the basis of national security concerns, that it sell off or wind down its Canadian investments. Government reviews based on security concerns tend to be highly confidential, with little information available

U.S. Appeals Court Dismisses Antitrust Claim Against Chinese Vitamin C Exporters

In a recent ruling in a long-running litigation saga, on August 10 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit dismissed an antitrust lawsuit against Chinese exporters of Vitamin C, citing “international comity” as the basis for its ruling. The case already went to the Supreme Court once,

Swedish Court Upholds Government Decision to Ban Huawei in 5G Networks

On June 22, the Administrative Court of Sweden issued a ruling that upheld a government ban on using Chinese tech company Huawei’s equipment in the country’s 5G network. In the ruling [] , the Administrative Court made it clear that it

Xiaomi Files Lawsuit Against U.S. Government Designation as Communist Chinese Military Company

The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi and three individuals associated with it have filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia challenging the U.S. government’s designation of Xiaomi as a Communist Chinese military company and the resulting restrictions imposed on it. The complaint

New Lawsuit in U.S. Court Against WeChat Censorship and Surveillance

There has been some recent reporting on a new lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara County related to alleged censorship and surveillance of U.S. users on WeChat. Jeanne Whalen of the Washington Post (“ California plaintiffs sue Chinese tech giant Tencent, alleging WeChat app is
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