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Beijing Drafts Measures on Cybersecurity in Securities and Futures Sector

China's securities regulator is currently soliciting public comments on a recently issued draft of measures on cybersecurity issues in the securities and futures sector. The comments are due by May 29.

U.S. Trade Association Warns of "Uniquely Restrictive" Data Rules in China

The US-China Business Council recently issued a report on China's data/cybersecurity regulatory regime, which it described as "uniquely restrictive." It further laid out the primary challenges that American firms are facing in complying with the laws.

Chinese Media Reports on Railway Data Leakage Case

Chinese state media recently reported on a data leakage case related to a high-speed rail operation involving a foreign company that has foreign government ties.

China's MIIT Revises Draft for Data Management in Industry and Telecommunication

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently published a revised version of a proposed regulation governing data security in industrial and information sectors. The change, to some extent, broadens the scope of the regulation. The agency previously published the first draft last September.

China Finalizes Rules on Cybersecurity Review, With Implications for Overseas Listings

Yesterday, China updated its Measures on Cybersecurity Review. The update will replace the current rules and serve as the legal basis for ongoing and future cybersecurity reviews. The new rules make it clear that companies with large amounts of personal data must file a cybersecurity review when going public overseas,

Japan, U.S., Other Members Raise Concerns with China's Cybersecurity Measures at WTO Meeting

At a WTO meeting of the Council for Trade in Services on October 22, 2021, Japan and the U.S. put China's cybersecurity measures on the agenda. These two Members, along with Canada, Australia, and the EU, offered comments on the measures, expressing concern with the burdens they impose on

MIIT Orders the Removal of 106 Apps from App Stores

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced today that 106 apps must be removed from app stores for continuing to infringe on consumer rights. Among them, 5 apps were designated by the MIIT and 101 apps were identified by provincial agencies. Additional administrative penalties may be imposed. MIIT
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