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What Is China's Objection to U.S. Competitiveness Legislation?

In recent Senate testimony, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo suggested that China objected to certain U.S. legislation because it would improve U.S. economic competitiveness. In reality, China's concerns with this legislation are more about how the legislation is framed around the "China threat" as well as other non-economic aspects

Bipartisan House Bill Tries To Shift Manufacturing from China to Latin America

Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives have introduced a bill to bring manufacturing back to the Western hemisphere by providing incentives for manufacturers to leave China. While the future of the bill remains uncertain, some of its provisions push in novel directions and will likely raise both

Senator Menendez's "Economic Statecraft" Bill Would Confront and Compete with China

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced a bill at the end of April calling for both confrontation and competition with China.

Republican Senators Introduce Bill on SEC Requiring Reporting of Supply Chains Linked to Forced Labor

Six Republican Senators have introduced legislation that would "require the Securities and Exchange Commission to require reporting of sourcing and due diligence activities of companies involving supply chains of products that are imported into the United States that are directly linked to products utilizing forced labor from Xinjiang, China."

Republican Congressman Introduces Bill To Sanction China if It Threatens Taiwan

Newly introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives would lead to targeted sanctions against China in the event it threatens Taiwan.

Australia-U.S. Cooperation To Counter China on Critical Minerals Moves Forward

During a recent trip by Australian trade minister Dan Tehan to meet with his U.S. counterparts, Australia and the United States moved forward with plans that some commentators have characterized as designed to "counter China" on critical minerals.

Bipartisan House Legislation Seeks To Withdraw Normal Trade Relations with China

Three members of the U.S. House of Representative have introduced legislation that would withdraw normal trade relations for products imported from China.
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