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Members of Congress Propose Tariffs on Autos, Drones

Last week, a U.S. Senator called for additional tariffs on Chinese automobiles, and members of Congress introduced legislation that would impose tariffs on Chinese drones.

New Bills Proposed To Limit U.S. Investment in China

Four new bills have recently been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives to limit U.S. investment in China.

Members of Congress Introduce Legislation To Prohibit Defense Department Use of Chinese Tutoring Website

Republican members of the House and Senate have each introduced a bill that would prohibit employees of the U.S. Department of Defense from using the Chinese-owned website

U.S. Legislation on Countering Chinese Drones Progresses through Subcommittee

Legislation that would prohibit drones from Chinese company Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) has been discussed at a Congressional hearing and passed by the relevant Subcommittee, clearing the way for sending it to the full House Committee responsible.

U.S. Senate Committee Advances Biotech Bill To Crack Down on Chinese Companies

At a meeting last week, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs considered a bill that would "prohibit contracting with certain biotechnology providers," with four Chinese companies named.

Republican Senators Push Auto, Clean Energy Tariffs

Two Republican Senators have recently introduced legislation that would raise tariffs on imports of Chinese autos and clean energy products.

New U.S. Bill Would End Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China

New legislation introduced by a group of conservative House Republicans would get tougher on China in a number of areas, including trade and investment.
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