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Lithuania/EU-China Dispute Continues, Expands as Taiwan and U.S. Weigh In

The tensions between Lithuania/the European Union and China over Taiwan's new office in Vilnius are continuing, with some efforts by certain actors that may be intended to tone things down. At the same time, officials in the United States and Taiwan have both made public comments on

Ambassador Qin Gang's First Speech on US-China Relations

Qin Gang, the new Chinese Ambassador to the United States, gave a speech [] at an August 31 event held by the National Committee on US-China Relations. It was characterized by one U.S. publication [

Congressional Hearing on U.S.-EU Cooperation on Issues Related to China

On July 20, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing [] on “U.S.-European Cooperation on China and the Broader Indo-Pacific.” Members of two subcommittees made statements and asked questions to four expert witnesses, covering a wide range of issues related

Kurt Campbell on U.S.-China Issues

On July 6, the Asia Society Institute hosted a conversation with Kurt Campbell [] , who currently serves as Deputy Assistant to the President and Coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs on the National Security Council. The conversation was led by Asia Society Policy Institute President Kevin Rudd

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on U.S.-China Relations

At a June 9 event [] held by the German Marshall Fund, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman [] provided a useful articulation of the Biden administration's view of relations with China. She criticized Chinese government actions

Congressman Rick Larsen Speaks on Economic Decoupling and Various Other U.S. - China Relations Issues

At a CSIS event [] on December 15, Congressman Rick Larsen (D – WA), co-chair of the US – China Working Group, offer remarks and responded to questions from Bonnie Glaser, director of the China Power Project. The following is a transcript of the discussion, which covered
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