China-EU Relations

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EU MEP Lange Defends EU Investigation of Chinese EV Subsidies

With a focus on the European Commission's anti-subsidy investigation of Chinese EVs, Bernd Lange, the Chairman of the Trade Committee in the European Parliament, has written a piece entitled "Avoid escalation of the EU-China trade dispute."

MOFCOM Officials Wield "Carrot and Stick" Diplomacy on Europe Tour Amid Trade Tensions

During Chinese Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao's visit to Europe this week, he tried to highlight positive ties with Spain, Portugal, and Greece as a way to create leverage against the growing use of EU trade defense tools on Chinese goods and services.

Wine, Dairy, Aircraft Could be Victims of China-EU Spat over Subsidies, Chinese Media Warns

A recent social media post tied to Chinese state media warned against EU actions against Chinese subsidies, stating that "China actually has sufficient countermeasures."

Chinese Chamber of Commerce Questions Fairness, Transparency, and WTO-Consistency of EU's FSR Investigations

In a statement today, China's Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU) criticized the EU's enforcement of the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR) as "selective" and "discriminatory," and questioned its WTO-consistency.

EU-France-China Trilateral Meeting Kicks Off with Trade Issues

At the beginning of Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to France, there was a trilateral meeting in Paris with leaders from China, France and the European Union (EU), with trade and market access as the priority issues.

MOFCOM: There Is No "Overcapacity" in Green Energy

At a press conference last week, the spokesperson for China's Ministry of Commerce rejected the concerns about overcapacity in the new energy sector. Instead, he stated, there is a "storage of capacity" to meet the growing demand.

EU Starts First Investigation under International Procurement Instrument

Today, the European Commission initiated its first investigation under its International Procurement Instrument (IPI), in response to measures and practices in the Chinese procurement market for medical devices which it says "discriminate unfairly against European companies and products."
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