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China Extends Tariff Exclusions on Some U.S. Imports

China's Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council announced that it will again extend tariff exclusions on some U.S. goods that were subject to retaliatory tariffs as a response to U.S. Section 301 tariffs.

China and Tanzania Sign Agreements on Trade, Loans and Infrastructure

Last week, China announced that it would grant zero tariffs on imports from Tanzania, along with nine other Least Developed Countries, covering 98% of items in the tariff schedule. This came after a high-level meeting between the two countries earlier this month, where China made promises on trade, loans, investment,

China Extends Preferential Tariffs to Ten More Countries

China's Customs Tariff Commission announced that it will grant zero tariffs on imports from 10 more Least Developed Countries (LDCs), covering 98% of items in the tariff schedule, effective on December 1.

China To Lower Tariffs on More Goods from LDCs

The Chinese government announced that it will lower tariffs on more imports from 16 least developed countries, effective on September 1.

China and Nicaragua Start FTA Negotiations

China and Nicaragua announced that they will launch a free trade agreement (FTA) negotiation, and in the meantime agreed on some tariff cuts that will lay the foundation for the FTA.

China Extends Tariff Exclusions on Some U.S. Goods for Seven Months

China's tariff agency recently extended its tariff exclusions on certain U.S. goods, as the term of the exclusions had been set to expire on June 30.

China Signs Some Cooperation Documents with Pacific Island Countries

During his recent visit to Pacific Island countries in May, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized that China is willing to cooperate with these countries in many areas, including trade, and signed some cooperation documents on the economy, the Belt and Road Initiative, and tariffs with a few of these
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