China-Canada Relations

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Canada Announces Critical Minerals Strategy, Investment Review Changes, with Eye on China

Last week, the Canadian government set out its new strategy on critical minerals, as well as a proposal to update its investment screening regime. While not mentioning China by name in the official documents, the emphasis on "geopolitical events" and "security" makes clear that China was a key factor in

Canada Launches Indo-Pacific Strategy, With Eyes on China

On Sunday, Canada announced its new Indo-Pacific strategy. As part of this strategy, Canada outlined its thinking on relations with China, which will involve challenging China on some issues while cooperating with China on other issues.

Canadian Foreign Minister Speaks about China Relationship, Risks of Doing Business There

In a speech at a Canadian foreign affairs school yesterday, Canada's foreign minister made a number of remarks about Canada's approach to dealing with China, and warned Canadian businesses about the risks of doing business there.

Canada Orders Divestiture of Investments by Three Chinese Companies in Canadian Critical Minerals

The Canadian government announced yesterday that it had ordered the divestiture of investments by three Chinese companies in Canadian critical mineral companies operating in both Canada and in South America.

Canadian Prime Minister Discusses Canada-China Relations

Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered some brief comments on Canada-China relations, in which he called China "a real challenging actor in the [Pacific] region," and as a new Canadian Ambassador to China was appointed.

WTO Panel Suspended after Chinese Restrictions on Canadian Canola Seeds Removed

In response to the removal of Chinese restrictions on its canola seed exports, Canada has requested the suspension of its WTO complaint on this matter and the WTO panel has agreed to this request.

Canada Excludes Huawei, ZTE from 5G Market

After a long period of internal debate and discussion, Canada announced last week that it would exclude the Chinese telecom companies Huawei and ZTE from its 5G market and the broad range of products connected to it.
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