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U.S. Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Digital Trade Policy, TikTok Concerns Raised

At a Congressional hearing on digital trade policy yesterday, several U.S. Senators and witnesses discussed issues related to China, including TikTok.

Congressional Republicans Press TikTok on Data Sharing

Two Republican lawmakers sent a letter to TikTok last week, "renew[ing] their request for all information about TikTok’s organizational structure and data sharing practices and also notify the social media company to preserve all e-mail, electronic records, and communications."

FBI Director Testifies on TikTok National Security Risks

In response to questions at a U.S. Congressional hearing yesterday, FBI Director Chris Wray outlined the security and other threats posed by social media app TikTok.

U.S. Senators Question TikTok Official at Hearing

At a hearing on "Social Media’s Impact on Homeland Security" last week, several U.S. Senators pressed a TikTok official on various issues related to TikTok's practices on data privacy and security.

House GOP Leaders Continue Push on TikTok Data Issues

U.S. House Republican Committee leaders today sent two letters related to TikTok, one calling on the Biden administration "to step up to hold [TikTok] accountable," and the other "to demand answers from TikTok leadership."

TikTok Responds to Australian Senator on Data Issues

In response to a letter from an Australian Senator, TikTok has asserted that Australians' data is secure, but the Senator continues to have doubts.

U.S. Senators Call for FTC Investigation of TikTok

The efforts of various U.S. government actors to go after TikTok for its use of data have expanded again, with two U.S. Senators now pushing for a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation.
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