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Highlights from Question & Answer Phase of China's Trade Policy Review

On December 22, the WTO circulated the question and answer part of China's Trade Policy Review. The full document is 562 pages and contains hundreds of questions and answers, so it is difficult to provide a comprehensive summary. What we have tried to do in this piece is offer some

WTO Members Comment on China's Trade Practices at Trade Policy Review

China's eighth WTO Trade Policy Review took place on October 20 and 22. Previously, we reported [] on a few governments' statements that had been made public. The WTO has now circulated the minutes of the meeting [

China Holds Press Conference on WTO Trade Policy Review

On October 28, China’s State Council Information Office held a press conference [] (link in Chinese) to provide a briefing on China’s WTO Trade Policy Review and respond to some of the issues raised there. (We

Statements by Governments at China's WTO Trade Policy Review

As explained here [] , China's eighth WTO Trade Policy Review is taking place on October 20 and 22 and China has already provided its policy statement. As part of this review, other WTO Members also have an opportunity to comment on China's trade policies. We offer

Highlights of China's Policy Statement at Its WTO Trade Policy Review

China's eighth WTO Trade Policy Review is taking place on October 20 and 22 (the seventh review [] was in July 2018). As part of these reviews, the government being reviewed submits a "policy statement." This piece summarizes the

China’s Questions at Indonesia’s WTO Trade Policy Review

The WTO conducted its trade policy review for Indonesia [] on December 9 and 11. The minutes of the meeting [] and the

U.S. Question on "Special and Differential Treatment" for Macao at the WTO Trade Policy Review

In recent years, the United States has pushed [] to bring new disciplines to the the area of special and differential treatment for developing countries at the WTO, and to the practice of self-declaration of developing country status. As part of Macao’s recent trade
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