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WTO Committee on Market Access Meeting Discusses Export Controls, EV Tariffs

At the meeting of WTO's Committee on Market Access on October 16 and 17, 2023, for which the minutes of the meeting were recently circulated, WTO Members considered issues related to Chinese export controls on gallium and germanium, Türkiye's tariffs on electric vehicles, and the U.

U.S. Makes WTO Submissions on Two China Agricultural Concerns in SPS Committee

At the March 20-22, 2024 WTO SPS Committee meeting, the U.S. made two statements relating to issues it had previously raised on Chinese measures, on the listing of foreign establishments able to export to China and on import restrictions based on avian flu, and later submitted those statements as

China Makes Proposal for Improving WTO Information Technology Agreement

Last week, China submitted a proposal to the WTO related to the expansion of trade in information technology products under the Information Technology Agreement (ITA).

China Pushes for Investment Facilitation Agreement at MC13

Today, Chinese Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao attended meetings at the 13th Ministerial Conference of the WTO (MC13) and made statements regarding the WTO’s priorities, with a focus on the Investment Facilitation for Development (IFD) Agreement.

Trade Official: China Supports WTO Agricultural and Fishery Talks, E-Commerce Duty Moratorium, and DS Mechanism

On the sideline of the 13th Ministerial Conference of the WTO, China's Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao met with the Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding China's agenda at the WTO, as well as officials from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and New Zealand

USTR Issues 22nd Report on China's WTO Compliance

Last Friday, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) issued its 22nd report on China's compliance with "commitments made in connection with its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), including both multilateral commitments and any bilateral commitments made to the United States."

WTO Meeting Discusses Chinese Anti-Dumping Practices, Chinese Concerns with Others' Practices

At the meeting of the WTO's Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices on October 26, 2023, for which the meeting minutes were recently circulated, Japan raised concerns about Chinese anti-dumping duties on certain chemicals, and China raised concerns about the anti-dumping practices of the EU, UK, and U.S.
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