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China Pushes Back Against Exclusionary TRIPS Waiver Text Language

A draft text of the WTO TRIPS Waiver, which is designed to facilitate production of Covid-19 medicines in developing countries, has language that could exclude China from its scope. At a WTO meeting on Friday, China raised objections to specific aspects of that language.

WTO Subsidies Committee Meeting Discusses Chinese Industrial Subsidies, Overcapacity, and Transparency

At a recent WTO meeting, a number of countries pressed China on issues related to industrial subsidies, overcapacity, and transparency.

WTO Meeting Discusses Range of Offensive and Defensive Chinese Trade Issues

At the November 1 and 2, 2021 meeting of the WTO's Council for Trade in Goods, for which the minutes of the meeting have just recently been circulated by the WTO, a number of long-standing issues related to trade with China were discussed. Some were concerns that others countries have

TRIPS Council Meeting Discusses Chinese "Anti-Suit" Injunctions

We have previously written about an EU request under Article 63.3 of the TRIPS Agreement relating to "a number of recent [Chinese] judicial decisions and regulations relating to patents," noting that "in four court cases decisions were taken relating to application for and enforcement of injunctions in relation to

At SPS Meeting, U.S. Reiterates Concerns over China's Registration Requirement for Foreign Food Producers

The United States recently reiterated its concerns over China's new measures that require registration for all overseas manufacturers that sell to China, and it also put forward some requests related to how to implement the measures. The U.S. statement at the meeting was recently made public on the WTO's

U.S. Reiterates Concerns at WTO about China's Actions Related to COVID Affecting Trade in Food and Agricultural Products

As we previously reported here, here, and here, the United States has expressed concerns about China's actions related to COVID-19 that affect trade in food and agricultural products. At the WTO SPS Committee meeting held on March 23-25, 2022, the United States raised the issue again, and in response to

China Updates WTO on Its Anti-Dumping Actions for Second Half of 2021

Pursuant to Article 16.4 of the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement, China recently provided its semi-annual report of its anti-dumping actions, covering the period July 1 – December 31, 2021.
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