TRIPS Agreement

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TRIPS Council Meeting Discusses Chinese "Anti-Suit" Injunctions

We have previously written about an EU request under Article 63.3 of the TRIPS Agreement relating to "a number of recent [Chinese] judicial decisions and regulations relating to patents," noting that "in four court cases decisions were taken relating to application for and enforcement of injunctions

EU Files WTO Complaint Against China for Restricting EU Companies from Going to Foreign Court for Patent Protection

The European Union announced today that it is filing a complaint against China at the World Trade Organization (WTO) "for restricting EU companies from going to a foreign court to protect and use their patents."

China Responds to EU Request for Information on Judicial Decisions and Regulations Relating To Patents

Following an EU request for China to provide more information about judicial decisions and regulations related to patents, China has now provided a response. However, it does not seem to directly address all of the EU questions, and the EU may press China again on these points going forward. As

EU Requests Information from China on Judicial Decisions and Regulations Relating To Patents

In a communication posted on the WTO's website on July 6, 2021 (IP/C/W/682 [] ), the EU requested information from China pursuant to Article 63.3 of the TRIPS
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