UK Trade Remedies Authority

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UK Trade Remedies Authority to Study Circumvention/Market Distortions

The UK governmental body in charge of trade remedies has announced several "areas of research interest" that could have a significant impact on Chinese exporters.

UK Trade Remedies Authority Proposes Dropping China Rebar Tariffs

Today, the UK’s Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) published its "initial findings" in which it proposed that existing anti-dumping measures on imports of High Fatigue Performance Steel Concrete Reinforcement Bars (HFP Rebar) from China be revoked.

UK Begins Anti-Dumping / Countervailing Investigation on Fibre Optic Cables from China

The UK Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) has started investigations of imports of fibre optic cables from China, the third "new case" -- i.e., not one that was part of a transition after the UK left the EU -- that the TRA has opened and the second against
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