Trade Remedies against China

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Congress Tries To Undo Biden's Solar Tariff Pause; Biden Vetoes

On an issue that puts climate change and concerns about trade with China in conflict, the U.S. Congress has tried to overturn a Biden administration move to pause tariffs on solar panel imports from Chinese companies operating in several Southeast Asian countries, but President Biden vetoed the Congressional action.

EU Renews and Extends Anti-Dumping Duties on Chinese Yarn

Last week, the European Commission announced that it had adopted two Regulations "which together renew, adjust and extend the scope of the existing measures on imports of high tenacity yarn of polyester (HTYP) from China."

WTO Subsidy Meeting Deals With Various China Issues

At a meeting of the WTO's Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures on Tuesday, a number of issues were raised by other Members about China's trade policies and practices, in particular relating to transparency; and China brought up concerns with certain U.S. measures, including the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

EU Renews Anti-Dumping Measures on Stainless Steel Fittings from China and Taiwan

Last week, the European Commission announced that it was renewing its anti-dumping measures on imports of stainless steel tube and pipe butt-welding fittings ("SSTPF") from China and Taiwan for another five years.

China-Related Anti-Dumping Issues Discussed at Latest WTO Anti-Dumping Committee Meeting

At the October 26, 2022 meeting of the WTO Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices, a number of issues were raised by China in relation to other Members’ anti-dumping laws and practices, and by other Members in relation to Chinese practices.

U.S. Commerce Department Issues Preliminary Determinations on AD/CVDs for Freight Rail Couplers from China

Over the last several weeks, the U.S. Commerce Department has issued preliminary determinations in both the anti-dumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) investigations underway against imports of Chinese freight rail couplers and parts. Final determinations of dumping, subsidization, and injury will be made in the coming months.

EU General Court Rules on Chinese Cross-Border Subsidies in Countervailing Duty Cases

Last week, the General Court of the Court of Justice of the EU issued judgements in Case T-480/20 and T-540/20 (Hengshi Egypt Fiberglass Fabrics and Jushi Egypt for Fiberglass Industry v Commission) addressing the issue of when the EU can impose countervailing duties against "cross-border" subsidies, in this
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