US Congressional Hearings

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U.S. Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Digital Trade Policy, TikTok Concerns Raised

At a Congressional hearing on digital trade policy yesterday, several U.S. Senators and witnesses discussed issues related to China, including TikTok.

U.S. Congressman Presses Homeland Security Secretary on 5G in Allied Countries

In response to questions at a U.S. Congressional hearing on Tuesday, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas emphasized the administration's efforts to coordinate with allies on keeping 5G networks secure.

FBI Director Testifies on TikTok National Security Risks

In response to questions at a U.S. Congressional hearing yesterday, FBI Director Chris Wray outlined the security and other threats posed by social media app TikTok.

U.S. Debate over Outbound Investment Screening Heats Up

The discussion of U.S. legislative or executive action on outbound investment screening, with a focus on American investments in China, is heating up.

U.S. Banks Pressed on Chinese Business at Congressional Hearing

At a Congressional hearing earlier this week, a Republican Congressman pressed several banking executives about their willingness to do business with China.

U.S. Senators Question TikTok Official at Hearing

At a hearing on "Social Media’s Impact on Homeland Security" last week, several U.S. Senators pressed a TikTok official on various issues related to TikTok's practices on data privacy and security.

U.S. Congressional Hearing Discusses U.S.-Taiwan Trade

At a Congressional hearing yesterday, members of the House of Representatives and expert witnesses discussed U.S.-Taiwan trade relations and opportunities.
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