Chinese Trade Policy

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Beijing Outlines 17 Measures to Revive Industrial Sectors

Yesterday, three Chinese government agencies outlined 17 measures for different sectors and regions to "revive" the industrial sector of the economy, including the use of government funds to expand investment, and policies to stabilize foreign investment and exports. This came at a time when China faces economic pressures from dwindling

Where Experts Think China's Economy Is Heading Over Next Five Years

With all eyes on China's 20th Party Congress last week, the future of its policy on trade, investment and the economy has been closely watched and analyzed. Here is a summary of a range of statements from former government officials and experts.

Xi Talks Trade, Technology, Supply Chain at Party Congress, But No Major Policy Changes Expected

Chinese President Xi's keynote address at the opening of the 20th Communist Party Congress touched on trade-related issues such as development, technology, supply chains, and the Belt and Road Initiative. While he mentioned "expanding institutional opening up," he also emphasized "self-reliance in high-level technology." Overall, experts do not anticipate any

Facing Trade Headwinds, Beijing Pushes for E-Commerce

A Chinese commerce official recently said that China's trade is facing growing uncertainties. In response, the Chinese government announced several measures to boost trade, including some to facilitate cross-border e-commerce.

Trade Agreements Are an Important Way to Explore Potential Among BRICS, Chinese Trade Official Says

A Chinese Vice Minister recently said that there is huge potential for trade between BRICS countries, and one important tool is to negotiate free trade agreements.

China's Trade Faces Pressure, But There Are Some Highlights, MOFCOM Officials Say

China's Commerce officials recently touted China's development in trade and foreign investment in the first four months of 2022, including that private companies' share in international trade increased to 58.5%, and there was a 26% rise of foreign investment, despite the economic slowdown caused by COVID-related lockdowns. They also

Chinese Premier Stresses Importance of Trade amidst Government Policies to Facilitate Trade and Supply Chain

During a nation-wide teleconference designed to stabilize the economy, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang emphasized the importance of supporting and enhancing foreign trade and investment. His statements came alongside some new government measures that aim to stabilize and boost foreign trade.
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