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Federal Judge Rules that Hytera's Antitrust Claims against Motorola Can Go Forward

In an opinion issued last week, a U.S. federal judge in Illinois found that most of the claims in Chinese radio company Hytera's antitrust lawsuit against rival Motorola can go forward.

What's in China's New Anti-Monopoly Law?

China's new Anti-Monopoly Law is coming into force tomorrow. The new law adds some provisions on reining in internet giants and on business consolidations. It also imposes harsher punishment for any violations of the law.

China Fines SoftBank, Alibaba, Tencent and Others for Antitrust Violations

The Chinese market regulator punished Softbank, Bombardier Transportation Sweden, Alibaba, Tencent and many other companies for violating the declaration requirement in antitrust laws.

II-VI's Acquisition of Coherent Completed with China's Conditional Antitrust Approval

China's market regulator recently conditionally approved American company II-VI's acquisition of Coherent. The agency's conclusion and conditions are summarized below.

China Issues 2021 Antitrust Enforcement Report

China's market regulator recently issued the 2021 Report on Antitrust Enforcement in China, highlighting that the monopolistic practice of "choose one between two" has basically terminated, and the market competition order has improved significantly.

Chinese Market Regulator Announces Antitrust Investigation on Largest Online Academic Database CNKI

On May 13, China's State Administration for Market Regulation announced that it will start an antitrust investigation of CNKI, an online database for papers and journal articles. CNKI has been in controversies in recent years for overpricing, refusing to provide service, and copyright infringement.

China's Market Regulator Fines French Financing Company for Antitrust Violations

China's State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) recently decided to impose a fine on a French financing company because it failed to comply with Chinese antitrust law when acquiring a Chinese firm.
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