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Australian Parliament Discussion of China-Australia Trade Issues

At an Australian Senate hearing earlier this month, officials from Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) responded to questions from Australian Senators on a number of issues related to China trade, including various disputes over sales of Australian products to China and China's application

Australia-China Trade Thaw Update

A recent media interview with the Australian trade minister and an Australian parliamentary hearing offer some updates on developments in China-Australia trade relations, which have appeared to become less contentious under the new Australian government.

Australian Senator Calls Out Didi for Cybersecurity and Privacy Breaches

In recent weeks, Australian Senator James Paterson has pressed Chinese ride sharing company Didi on its privacy policies as they relate to Australian customers.

TikTok Responds to Australian Senator on Data Issues

In response to a letter from an Australian Senator, TikTok has asserted that Australians' data is secure, but the Senator continues to have doubts.

Australian Senator Presses TikTok on User Data after TikTok Response to U.S. Senators

TikTok's written response to a group of U.S. Senators on the issue of how it handles the data of U.S. users has triggered a follow-up letter from an opposition Senator in the Australian Parliament.

Australian Trade Minister Responds to Citizen Petition To Withdraw from ChAFTA

In the Australian House of Representatives, Australia's trade minister has responded to a citizen petition to "cancel" the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, rejecting that request but saying Australia would be taking action against forced labor.

Australian Broadcasting Corp. Director Says China Tries To Influence Content of Pacific Broadcasters, Promises Response

David Anderson, the Managing Director at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), testified last week to an Australian Senate Committee that the ABC would be stepping up its efforts to broadcast in the Pacific region in response to Chinese media expansion in this area.
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