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China Lifts Tariffs on Australian Barley

On Friday, China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced that it was lifting the anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties it had been imposing on Australian barley, resolving a long-running trade dispute.

Australia Barley Tariff Review To Take Additional Month

News reports indicate that China is taking an additional month to review the tariffs on Australian barley that were the subject of a WTO dispute, and which China recently agreed to review.

China Initiates Reviews on Australian Barley Tariffs

China's Ministry of Commerce announced last Friday that it was starting a review of the anti-dumping and countervailing duties currently being imposed on Australian barley. This will kick off a domestic process that could potentially resolve a dispute between Australia and China, helping to ease the tensions in their bilateral

Australia, China Move Towards Settlement of Barley AD/CVD Dispute

The Chinese government has agreed to an expedited review of the anti-dumping/countervailing duties it has been imposing on Australian barley, leading to a suspension of the WTO dispute on these duties.

Australia Makes First Submission in China - Barley WTO Dispute, Makes Claim on Individual Dumping Margins

Following up on earlier posts about Australia's complaint [] and the panel composition [] in the China - Barley WTO dispute (DS598), Australia has now posted its first written submission [] in the

WTO Panel Composed in China - Barley AD/CVD Dispute

Yesterday, the WTO announced [] that on September 3, the WTO Director-General had composed the panel in the WTO complaint brought by Australia [] against China's AD/CVD measures on

China Agrees To Use Arbitration Appeal Mechanism in WTO Dispute With Australia

In a WTO complaint [] by Australia against Chinese AD/CVD measures imposed on Australian barley (DS598), China and Australia have agreed to procedures [] for using an alternative mechanism
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