China-Africa Relations

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China Approves Seafood from Comoros

Earlier this month, China's customs agency announced that it started allowing seafood from the Union of Comoros (a small country made up of three islands in southeastern Africa). The move is unlikely to change the bilateral trade patterns in the short term, and may be more important as part of

U.S./Chinese Leaders Spar on Zambia Debt Issues

U.S. Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen's recent statements on China being a "barrier" to resolving the debt issues in Zambia provoked a harsh response from the Chinese government.

China's Foreign Minister Visits Africa, Talks Debt and Other Support

This week, China's new Foreign Minister Qin Gang is visiting Africa to "deepen the China-Africa comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership and boost friendly cooperation between China and Africa."

Zimbabwe Bans Lithium Exports, Chinese Mining Companies Affected

In late December, the Zimbabwe government adopted measures to encourage Chinese lithium mining companies to do more processing in Zimbabwe, rather than simply export raw lithium for processing elsewhere.

China Sets Out Regulatory Requirements for Wild Aquatic Products from Tanzania

As a follow-up to the bilateral meeting between China and Tanzania and agreements to "expand the trade volume", China's Customs agency released the regulatory requirements for wild aquatic products from Tanzania, potentially opening the Chinese market to more seafood from the nation.

China Sets out Regulatory Requirements for Fresh Avocado from Tanzania

China's Customs recently published the regulatory requirements for fresh avocado from Tanzania, a follow-up on a previous meeting between the leaders of the two countries when they vowed to increase trade. Tanzanian avocado will face strong competition from other existing suppliers that already dominate the world and Chinese markets.
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