China-Africa Relations

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China's Customs Announces Multiple Measures to Prevent Various Disease Outbreaks

Recently, China's Customs announced that it would suspend imports of cloven-hoofed animals and related products from Indonesia due to foot-and-month disease, and impose certain sanitary requirements on containers and cargos from some African countries.

New Paper Examines Chinese Loans to Africa During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A new policy brief from the Boston University Global Development Center looks at Chinese loans to Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic, noting a recent decline and possible shift towards foreign direct investment instead.

China Allows Wild Aquatic Products from Kenya

China's Customs recently issued documents that will allow imports of wild aquatic products from Kenya, as long as they meet the inspection and quarantine requirements.

Current and Former U.S. Government Officials Comment on China's Presence in Africa

At an event put on by the Foreign Policy Research Institute yesterday entitled "Chinese Presence in Africa: A U.S. Perspective," several experts discussed the U.S. view of Chinese activities in Africa.

New Report Examines Chinese Lending in Kenya and Impact on Mombasa Port

A new paper from a research center at Johns Hopkins University examines the controversy over Chinese lending for a Kenyan railway and the possible seizure of a Kenyan port, which has been put forward as an example of China's "debt trap diplomacy." The paper concludes as follows: "we believe that

China Suspends Imports of Cloven Hoofed Animals from South Africa

China's Customs agency recently issued a notice to halt imports of cloven hoofed animals and related products from South Africa due to concerns over foot and mouth disease.

WTO Members Review China-Mauritius FTA

At a meeting of the WTO's Committee on Regional Trade Agreements on March 28, WTO members considered the free trade agreement (FTA) between China and Mauritius, which those two countries had notified on January 7, 2021 and which entered into force on January 1, 2021. This is the first FTA
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