Chinese Foreign Investment

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UK Government Takes Stake in Nuclear Plant To Remove China from Project

Last week, the UK government took steps to remove a Chinese company from the financing of a proposed nuclear power plant.

Biden Administration Intervenes to Temporarily Stop Tariff Expansion on Solar Products

In the midst of an inquiry into whether Chinese producers of solar products shifted production to certain Asian countries in order to avoid tariffs, the Biden administration has announced a two year pause in imposing the tariffs, along with certain actions designed to help domestic producers.

New U.S. Government Report Warns About Risks of Chinese Investment in U.S. Agriculture

A new Staff Research Report published by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, which often takes a tough line on China trade issues, examines the scope of Chinese investment in U.S. agriculture and sets out certain risks that may arise. The evidence provided in the report

New CRS Short Papers on Chinese Foreign Investment and Trade Ties with Russia

Last week, the Congressional Research Service published two short papers on Chinese trade/investment issues, one related to tracking Chinese foreign investments and the other on economic ties with Russia.

Republican Senators Raise Concern about Proposed Chinese Acquisition of Forbes

Four Republican Senators sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen yesterday in order to raise concerns about "the proposed acquisition of Forbes by an entity linked to the Chinese Communist Party," and urging a CFIUS investigation.

Australian Company with Key Chinese Shareholder Brings ISDS Complaint Against Denmark, Greenland on Rare Earth Mine

Greenland Minerals A/S ("GMAS") has brought a contract-based ISDS complaint against the governments of Greenland (known as "Naalakkersuisut") and Denmark in response to a Greenland law that bans uranium prospecting, exploration, and exploitation, and which interferes with the company's Kvanefjeld rare earths project in southern Greenland.

Chinese Investment in Corn-Milling Plant in North Dakota May Get CFIUS Scrutiny

A Chinese company's plan to build a corn-milling plant in North Dakota has led to objections from local residents and members of Congress, and could be subject to a CFIUS review in order to alleviate concerns about national security.
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