China-Central America relations

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China and Honduras Sign Early Harvest Agreement

China and Honduras recently signed an early harvest agreement as their trade talks on a free trade agreement (FTA) continue. A key part of the agreement covers Honduran shrimp.

China-Nicaragua Free Trade Agreement Enters into Force

On January 1, the China-Nicaragua Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entered into force. In this piece, we examine the details of the schedules of tariff concessions under the FTA, and the provisions on services trade and investment.

China-Honduras FTA Talks Make Progress

Last week China and Honduras "substantially completed" an early harvest agreement; China's imports from the nation nearly tripled this year.

China and Nicaragua Sign Trade Agreement

Today, China and Nicaragua signed a free trade agreement after four rounds of negotiations that took place over the past year. The agreement has 22 chapters, including four chapters on services trade and investment.

China and Honduras Ready for FTA Talks

As part of Honduran President Xiomara Castro's China trip this week, the two governments announced that they are ready for trade negotiations. China also gave a green light to some Honduran agricultural products so they can be sold in China.

More China-Honduras Trade May Be On the Way after Diplomatic Relations Established

Today, China and Honduras established a formal diplomatic relationship and a top Chinese official said that China is willing to import more from Honduras.

China and El Salvador Start Trade Talks

This week, China and El Salvador announced that they will start the negotiations for a trade agreement. This will be the fourth set of trade talks between a Latin American country and China that have begun this year, as China's trade with the region has been growing steadily.
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