China-Latin America Relations

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China-Ecuador FTA Takes Effect

The China-Ecuador Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entered into force on May 1 after both sides finished their domestic legal procedures. The agreement would lower tariffs for Chinese steel and autos over time.

South American Countries Want Trade Talks with China

A Peruvian trade official stated that Peru and China will resume trade talks to upgrade their bilateral trade agreement soon, while Uruguay plans to expand exports to China with potential trade talks.

China, Ecuador Sign FTA

After months of negotiations, China and Ecuador signed a bilateral trade agreement last week. This makes Ecuador the fourth country in the Latin American region to have a trade agreement with China.

China-Nicaragua Early Harvest Agreement Enters into Force in May

China's tariff commission announced today that starting on May 1, 60 types of goods from Nicaragua will be tariff free. This is part of an early agreement reached between the two governments, as a precursor of a more comprehensive trade agreement for which the negotiations are ongoing.

New Report on Chinese Lending in Latin America and the Caribbean

A new report by a pair of scholars looks at Chinese lending in Latin America and the Caribbean, concluding that while loan amounts remain low by historical standards, the increase in lending this year "is indicative of continued Chinese interest in establishing strong diplomatic ties across the region."

More China-Honduras Trade May Be On the Way after Diplomatic Relations Established

Today, China and Honduras established a formal diplomatic relationship and a top Chinese official said that China is willing to import more from Honduras.

U.S. House Committee Holds Hearing on Chinese Economic Threats

The U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee held a hearing yesterday on "Combatting the Economic Threat from China." Issues that were discussed at the hearing included: bilateral trade, outbound and inbound investment related to China, Chinese lending, TikTok, and China's presence in Latin American
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