China-Germany Relations

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German Companies Sign Deals at Expo

At the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE), German companies have had a strong presence and reportedly signed deals with Chinese partners on energy, construction, and manufacturing. Germany's continued engagement in the market is crucial to China, as it plays a pivotal role in China-EU relations.

China-Germany Financial Dialogue

Over the weekend, China's Vice Premier He Lifeng and Germany's federal minister of finance Christian Lindner co-chaired the third financial dialogue in Frankfurt. The two sides made commitments on trade, investment, and regulatory cooperation.

Germany Outlines New China Strategy

As the EU seeks to work out a way forward in its economic relations with China, dealing with related security and rights issues as well, its key member states are also having internal discussions on these issues. Germany is the largest economy in the EU and its position on these

China and Germany Sign Deals on Energy, Environment and Other Issues

During Chinese Premier Li Qiang's visit to Germany this week, the two sides agreed to collaborate on energy and environment, food security and debt issues. While both sides sent positive signals for continued economic engagement, they also used the opportunity to express concerns over the other sides' practices.

Germany Moving Towards Chinese 5G Restrictions

Last week, after years of debate and discussion, Germany began taking steps towards excluding some Chinese products from its telecoms networks, although the process of removing existing products could be challenging.

After State Visit, Germany Rejects Chinese Investments in Two Chipmakers

Media reports indicate that the German government has blocked Chinese investments in two domestic semiconductor producers, based on concerns about national security, in particular the transfer of technological know-how.

German Chancellor Says No Decoupling with China But Diversification and Equal Footing Needed; Chinese Leadership Commits More Cooperation on Trade and Opening-up

German Chancellor Scholz, along with a team of top German CEOs, met with Chinese leaders Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang last week, as both sides laid out areas for future cooperation and expressed concerns over economic relations. With the bilateral economic relationship in a state of flux and geopolitical discussions
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