China-Germany Relations

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German Chancellor Says No Decoupling with China But Diversification and Equal Footing Needed; Chinese Leadership Commits More Cooperation on Trade and Opening-up

German Chancellor Scholz, along with a team of top German CEOs, met with Chinese leaders Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang last week, as both sides laid out areas for future cooperation and expressed concerns over economic relations. With the bilateral economic relationship in a state of flux and geopolitical discussions

Germany Finds Compromise on Port Purchase, Still Searching for Broader China Strategy

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz seems to be sending friendly signals toward Beijing ahead of his state visit early next month, with the latest effort being help in crafting a compromise on a Chinese company's purchase of a minority stake in a container port in Hamburg.

Controversy in Germany over Possible Sale of Port of Hamburg to Chinese Company

A proposed purchase by a Chinese company of a stake in an important German port has led to divisions within the German government, and prospects for regulatory approval are uncertain.

German Ministers' Remarks May Suggest Broadening of Chinese Investment Scrutiny

As new U.S. rules are being debated on investment screening of outbound investment destined for China, a recent statement by a German minister may suggest action there as well, although the issue has not progressed as far in Germany. In remarks reported by Reuters [

Germany Blocks Chinese Takeover of German Medical Company for Health Protection Reasons

The German government has blocked the takeover of a German medical device company by a Chinese company on the basis of public security and health protection.
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