Chinese Courts and Rulings

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Debating China's Courts and Intellectual Property

A recent Wall Street Journal article on China's use of courts in the area of intellectual property protection prompted a critical response from a leading U.S. expert on Chinese intellectual property law.

China's Banking Regulator Fines Standard Chartered and Four Other Banks

China’s banking and insurance regulator has recently imposed nearly 400 million yuan fines on five banks, including the Chinese unit of UK lender Standard Chartered Bank, for various violations of laws and regulations.

Beijing Approves More Foreign Financial Companies

The Chinese government has sped up regulatory approval on foreign financial service business in recent months, after an official vowed last year to do more to "attract more outstanding international companies and talents to China's capital market."

China Fines CNKI US$12 Million for Antitrust Violations

After a seven month long investigation, China's anti-trust agency decided to fine CNKI 87.6 million yuan (approximately US$12.7 million) for violating the Anti-Monopoly Law and abusing market dominance.

Chinese IP Regulator Rules on First Batch of Patent Disputes under New Authority

China's National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA) recently ruled on two patent infringement disputes, the first of its kind under the agency's new authority to review major patent disputes.

China Ratchets Up Sanctions on Taiwan

China has ramped up trade sanctions on Taiwan by curbing additional Taiwanese imports. It also announced sanctions on two foundations and at least four companies for engaging in "separatist activities."

Unresolved Issue on Beef Feed Additive Leads to Suspension of U.S. Company's Exports to China

China's Customs agency announced that it would suspend beef imports from a U.S. company due to the detection of an illegal substance, an outstanding issue that the United States and China were supposed to work on under the Phase One Agreement.
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