Chinese Courts and Rulings

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Beijing Approves Micron's Acquisition Plan

Earlier this month, China's market regulator approved U.S. semiconductor firm Micron's acquisition of a packaging and testing firm in China, part of the company's plan to expand investment in China.

Data Company Passes Security Review for Exports

Chinese corporate data provider Qichacha has become the first of its kind to pass the security review by the government cyber watchdog in order to launch an overseas platform. This is the most recent sign of Beijing relaxing controls over data exports.

Changes to Threshold for Trade Secret Theft in China After Phase One Deal

As part of the U.S.-China Phase One agreement, China agreed to lower the threshold for trade secret infringement as one of the prerequisites for criminal cases. A review of recent legislative amendments and court rulings shows how China is implementing the commitment.

China Fines Mintz for Illegal Survey Activities

Last month, the Beijing government issued a ruling that imposes a US$1.5 million penalty on due-diligence firm Mintz, and provided some details on the legal reasoning behind the investigation that shocked many western businesses and observers.

China Extends Anti-Dumping Duties on Rubber Imports

China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) recently extended the anti-dumping measures imposed on chloroprene rubber from the European Union, Japan and the United States.

China Cyber Office: Micron Fails Cyber Review

In a decision reached by China's Cybersecurity Review Office (CRO) on a cybersecurity review of U.S. semiconductor producer Micron Technology, the CRO has for the first time found that a company failed to pass a review, as Micron products pose "a major security risk to the

Egyptian Port Project Now Under Chinese Antitrust Review

The Chinese antitrust agency is now conducting an anti-monopoly review on an Egyptian joint venture in which Chinese shipping company COSCO has a share.
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