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Chinese Cyber Agency Mulls Harsher Penalties

China's internet watchdog is trying to revise the 2016 Cybersecurity Law to raise the level of penalties for violations of provisions related to network protection, key equipment and products.

Chinese Rules on Security Review of Data Outflows Take Effect; More Information on the Review Released

As China's new rules on data exports take effect today, some data will need to pass an official assessment in order to be transferred abroad. To assist the implementation, the Chinese internet watchdog released more information to help companies navigate through the  procedure.

Australian Senator Calls Out Didi for Cybersecurity and Privacy Breaches

In recent weeks, Australian Senator James Paterson has pressed Chinese ride sharing company Didi on its privacy policies as they relate to Australian customers.

China and U.S. Reach Landmark Audit Agreement; Implementation Remains To Be Seen

On August 26, Chinese and U.S. regulators announced that they signed an agreement on audit supervision cooperation. Officials on both sides made public comments offering their perspective on what was in the deal. Whether the deal will avert the delisting of over 200 Chinese companies on U.S. stock

First List of Algorithms used by Chinese Tech Companies Made Public

China's cybersecurity agency recently published a list of algorithms from a number of prominent internet companies. This is part of the implementation of the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) measures governing algorithms of internet service providers.

WTO Services Trade Meeting Sees Several China Trade Issues Raised Again

At a WTO meeting of the Council for Trade in Services on May 16, 2022, several trade issues involving China that had been raised previously were on the agenda again.

Didi Fined Over 1 Billion USD for Data Violations

After a year long investigation, the Chinese cyber regulator announced a fine of over 1 billion US dollars on ride-hailing company Didi for violating laws on cybersecurity, data security and personal information protection. This marks the end of China's first cybersecurity review.
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