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China Issues Guideline on Using Standard Contract for Personal Data Exports

To implement Measures that will become effective tomorrow, China's cyber watchdog issued a Guideline on the procedure for using the standard contracts to export personal data.

U.S. Officials React to Micron Decision

After China's Cybersecurity Review Office (CRO) recently found that U.S. semiconductor producer Micron Technology failed to pass a cybersecurity review, various U.S. government officials have offered a strongly negative response, although the specific actions the U.S. might take in reaction are unclear.

China Cyber Office: Micron Fails Cyber Review

In a decision reached by China's Cybersecurity Review Office (CRO) on a cybersecurity review of U.S. semiconductor producer Micron Technology, the CRO has for the first time found that a company failed to pass a review, as Micron products pose "a major security risk to the supply chain of

China Drafts Standards for Auto Data Protection

Recently, the Chinese government issued several drafts of mandatory national standards for automobiles, including on cyber security and management systems, as well as on data recording systems. One of the drafts touches on vehicle designs and settings that would allow cross-border data transfer.

China Launches Cybersecurity Review of Micron

Today, China's Cybersecurity Review Office (CRO) announced the launch of a cybersecurity review of U.S. semiconductor producer Micron Technology. Under the review, Micron products will be evaluated on whether they pose risks from supply chain disruptions because of political and diplomatic factors, data breaches, or risks to critical information

China Trade Issues Discussed at December 2022 WTO Council for Trade in Services Meeting

At a meeting of the WTO's Council for Trade in Services on December 8, 2022, several trade issues involving China that had been raised previously were on the agenda again.

EU, Canada Join U.S. in Banning TikTok on Government Devices

Social media platform TikTok is facing major new regulatory hurdles this week, as the European Union, Canada and the United States announced bans of TikTok on official devices.
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