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China Targets U.S. Chips in Telecoms

A recent report reveals that China is phasing out U.S. chips in its telecom system, a move likely driven by the broader U.S.-China technology rivalry, as both sides seek to bolster the security of their technology supply chains.

China Eases Rules on Cross-Border Data Flows

Last Friday, China's cyber office finalized a new set of rules that would facilitate cross-border data flows and loosen the regulatory requirements for some personal data transactions, especially for smaller companies.

Biden Administration Announces Port Cybersecurity Actions

In an Executive Order issued yesterday, the Biden administration announced a series of actions to address concerns related to the security of U.S. ports, with an emphasis on the threat posed by Chinese crane operators.

Data Company Passes Security Review for Exports

Chinese corporate data provider Qichacha has become the first of its kind to pass the security review by the government cyber watchdog in order to launch an overseas platform. This is the most recent sign of Beijing relaxing controls over data exports.

Beijing Issues Draft, Facilitating Cross-Border Data Flows

Last week, Beijing issued a draft provision for cross-border data flows, potentially lowering the compliance cost for companies and waiving regulatory requirements for some data exports. The draft, however, is awaiting finalization, which could bring more changes.

China Issues Guideline on Using Standard Contract for Personal Data Exports

To implement Measures that will become effective tomorrow, China's cyber watchdog issued a Guideline on the procedure for using the standard contracts to export personal data.

U.S. Officials React to Micron Decision

After China's Cybersecurity Review Office (CRO) recently found that U.S. semiconductor producer Micron Technology failed to pass a cybersecurity review, various U.S. government officials have offered a strongly negative response, although the specific actions the U.S. might take in reaction are unclear.
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