Chinese Legislation

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Cyber Expert Comments on China's Data Governance

Samm Sacks, a Senior Fellow at Yale Law School’s Paul Tsai China Center and cyber policy fellow at New America, a think tank based in Washington, DC, recently made some remarks on the key pieces of Chinese legislation on cyber and data, as well as the current status of

U.S. District Court Finds No Conflict Between Chinese PIPL and Discovery Process, Grants Motion To Compel Document Production

In a recent case before the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, Magistrate Judge Barbara Moses dismissed the defendants' argument that legal obligations under China's Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) prevent them from providing personal information relevant to the case, as she found "no true conflict" between

New Proposed Changes to Chinese Competition Law

China's market regulator, the State Administration for Market Regulation, recently released a draft to revise the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, adding new rules to rein in unfair competition in the digital economy and enhancing the level of penalties for violations.

Chinese Cyber Agency Mulls Harsher Penalties

China's internet watchdog is trying to revise the 2016 Cybersecurity Law to raise the level of penalties for violations of provisions related to network protection, key equipment and products.

What's in China's New Anti-Monopoly Law?

China's new Anti-Monopoly Law is coming into force tomorrow. The new law adds some provisions on reining in internet giants and on business consolidations. It also imposes harsher punishment for any violations of the law.

What Is in China's New Futures and Derivatives Law?

China's legislative body recently passed its first Futures and Derivatives Law after nearly a decade of work. The law aims to provide a legal basis for various activities in the market, as well as cross-border transactions. The new law will take effect on August 1.

U.S. Trade Association Warns of "Uniquely Restrictive" Data Rules in China

The US-China Business Council recently issued a report on China's data/cybersecurity regulatory regime, which it described as "uniquely restrictive." It further laid out the primary challenges that American firms are facing in complying with the laws.
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