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Beijing Takes New Steps to Attract Foreign Investment

China's central government recently announced new measures to attract foreign investment. These measures cover policies related to market access, national treatment, data flows, and fiscal and tax support.

Beijing's Recent Effort to Bolster Private Economy

China's planning agency, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), along with several other agencies, has published 28 measures to bolster the private economy. This is part of the central government's effort to send a signal to boost market confidence.

Think Tank Paper Looks at China’s Gallium/Germanium Export Moves

In a paper published last week by the French Institute of International Relations, research fellow John Seaman argues that China's recent export controls on gallium and germanium may not have a big impact themselves, but they are "a shot across Washington’s bow and an invitation to consider the spiraling

China Expands Export Controls on Drones

Today, China announced new export controls on drones and drone-related equipment, effective on September 1.

Chinese Tech Hub Shenzhen Pushes the Use of Domestic Operating Systems

China's southern city Shenzhen issued a new action plan to promote the use of domestic operating systems developed by Huawei, which is headquartered in the city.

China Adjusts Meat Import Policies

In recent weeks, China's Customs agency has adjusted its policies toward meat imports as a response to disease updates and bilateral negotiations.

China's Rules Governing Generative AI Services Take Effect Next Month

Compared to the draft released in April, the final text further clarifies the scope of application and rules on foreign services.
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