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China Renews Efforts to Use Domestic Products in Government IT System

Multiple reports revealed that China has ramped up a campaign to phase out foreign products and software in government computers and servers with domestic replacements, a renewed effort in a decade-long push for securing government IT products and systems.

New Chinese SPS Announcements for Food Imports in March

Last month, China's Customs started allowing Austrian dairy and pork products to enter the Chinese market. On the other hand, it also suspended imports of some meat products from three countries due to animal disease concerns.

China Starts Nation-wide Negative List Approach for Services Trade

Last week, China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) issued two negative lists for services trade, both of which will become effective on April 21.

China Eases Rules on Cross-Border Data Flows

Last Friday, China's cyber office finalized a new set of rules that would facilitate cross-border data flows and loosen the regulatory requirements for some personal data transactions, especially for smaller companies.

China Steps Up Efforts to Lure Foreign Investment with New Action Plan

This week, China's State Council published a new action plan to renew the effort to attract foreign investment, highlighting policies in market access, data flows and government procurement.

New Chinese SPS Announcements for Food Imports in February

China's Customs made multiple announcements last month that involve new sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures, import bans, and the lifting of existing import bans on plant and animal products from Italy, Spain, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other nations.

China Lifts Spanish Beef Embargo

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently announced that China will lift a two-decade long ban on Spanish beef, while calling for China and Spain to work together to provide a "fair, just and non-discriminatory" business environment.
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