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China Issues New Catalog To Encourage Foreign Investment

Last week, China issued the 2022 version of the Catalog of Encouraged Industries for Foreign Investment, with a goal of strengthening the supply chain and accelerating technology upgrades in chipmaking, biomass technology, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Beijing Allows More Chinese Medicine Plant Imports from Laos

As China's imports of Chinese medicine material grow this year, Beijing recently announced that it will allow two types of plant imports from Laos, both of which can be used in the making of Chinese medicine.

Local Chinese Government Issues Supporting Rules for Cross-Border E-Commerce

A district government in Shenzhen has rolled out new measures to support the development of cross-border e-commerce, focusing on "attracting investment, supporting logistical and technological development, strengthening financial services," and other areas, using incentives such as rewards, subsidies and other policy tools.

China Further Regulates E-Cigarettes with Taxes

Chinese government agencies recently announced that they will raise the consumption tax for e-cigarettes, both domestic products and imports.

Beijing Rolls Out New Measures To Support Foreign Investment

China's planning agency released a series of measures to support foreign investment in key sectors, including advanced manufacturing and modern services.

Chinese Local Governments Unveil Measures to Bolster Semiconductors

Chinese local governments are rolling out new measures to attract investments in semiconductors and high-tech. It remains to be seen whether these incentives will be successful in promoting domestic technology, which has experienced bottlenecks after being cut off from U.S. technology and equipment. Furthermore, a focus on local companies

China Issues Guidelines for Aquatic Animal Imports from Papua New Guinea

China's customs agency recently released guidelines for imports of edible aquatic animals from Papua New Guinea (PNG), as China becomes one of the world’s largest importers and exporters of aquatic products.
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