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China Opens Door to French Pork

As a follow up to the Xi-Macron meeting in April.

China Follows Through on Deals from Xi-Macron Meeting

As a follow up to the Macron-Xi meeting earlier this month, the Chinese government recently started the domestic process of allowing more French food imports, and moved ahead with the regulatory process for two French GI applications.

President Lula's Visit Delivers A Number of Bilateral Agreements

Brazilian President Lula da Silva visited China last week, and the two sides signed a number of agreements related to trade, investment, lending, space exploration, technology and innovation. However, there was no announcement on Brazil joining the BRI, despite the hopes of some on both sides.

China's Customs Sets Out Regulation as Follow-Up on Malaysia-China Meeting

Today, China's Customs issued the regulatory guidelines for aquaculture feed from Malaysia to be exported to China, after the two sides signed an agreement last month.

China Suspends Some Meat Imports due to Animal Disease Concerns

China's Customs agency issued multiple notices recently to suspend poultry, pork and horse products from certain countries in the wake of animal diseases.

China Resumes Some Fish Imports from Taiwan

China announced that it will resume some fish imports from Taiwan, a first step in the thawing of economic relations across the strait, with trade in additional products potentially restored in the near future. This came after Taiwanese fish and seafood exports to the mainland dropped 60% over the second

China Allows More Food Items from Iran After State Visit

This month, China's Customs issued multiple documents that would pave the way for more Iranian aquatic products, dairy products, and apples to be sold in China. This came after a state visit by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to China in mid-February.
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