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China Allows More Aquatic Products from Papua New Guinea

China's customs agency announced new guidelines for imports of wild aquatic products from Papua New Guinea. This announcement opens the door to more aquatic products from the Pacific country, which are also likely to be helped by the lifting of COVID-related import restrictions that had largely curbed seafood imports over

China Opens Door to Brazilian Soy Protein

The Chinese government announced that it will allow imports of soy protein from Brazil, effectively immediately.

China Allows Citrus Imports from Iran

China's customs agency has published requirements for importing citrus fruit from Iran.

WTO Panel Suspended after Chinese Restrictions on Canadian Canola Seeds Removed

In response to the removal of Chinese restrictions on its canola seed exports, Canada has requested the suspension of its WTO complaint on this matter and the WTO panel has agreed to this request.

China Allows More Imports from Brazil

China's Customs agency is allowing more imports of goods from Brazil, with new guidelines for imported soybean meal and orange fiber pellets.

China Allows Imports of Soybean Meal from Zambia

China has now opened its door to imports of soybean meal from Zambia, the latest example of China seeking more trade with the African continent.

China Opens Market to Indonesian Fresh Pineapples

China's Customs announced that it will start allowing imports of fresh pineapples from Indonesia.
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