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China Issues Guidelines for Cattle and Tobacco Leaves from Laos

China's Customs agency recently published regulatory requirements, as part of a domestic procedure that follows up on sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) protocols signed between China and Laos, for cattle and tobacco leaves from Laos.

Taiwanese Exporters Wrestle with New Mainland Regulatory Requirements

The Taiwanese government is continuing to help food exporters to complete the new regulatory procedures required to export to the mainland, but some companies have decided to leave the market.

Taiwan Complains about Mainland's "WTO-Inconsistent" Registration Requirement on Seafood and Drinks

Taiwanese officials said last week that China's customs agency's recent move to block imports of seafood, as well as some alcohol and beverage products, from Taiwan violates WTO rules and discriminates against Taiwan. In response, the Taiwanese government may file a WTO complaint, according to these officials.

China Issues Regulatory Requirements for Cuban Honey

China's Customs recently issued regulatory requirements for imports of honey from Cuba, after the two nations agreed to promote trade last month. This follows a decline of bilateral trade in recent years.

China Sets Out Regulatory Requirements for Wild Aquatic Products from Tanzania

As a follow-up to the bilateral meeting between China and Tanzania and agreements to "expand the trade volume", China's Customs agency released the regulatory requirements for wild aquatic products from Tanzania, potentially opening the Chinese market to more seafood from the nation.

China Opens Door to More Food Imports from ASEAN

China's Customs agency recently issued regulatory requirements for bananas from Indonesia, sweet potatoes from Vietnam, and aquatic products and peppercorns form Cambodia. This came after Chinese officials recently played up the trade relationship with ASEAN countries.

China Allows More Food Imports from Pakistan and Belarus

In November, China issued regulatory requirements that will allow imports of cherries from Pakistan and wheat flour from Belarus, in addition to other food products from these countries.
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