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China's Customs Announces Multiple Measures to Prevent Various Disease Outbreaks

Recently, China's Customs announced that it would suspend imports of cloven-hoofed animals and related products from Indonesia due to foot-and-month disease, and impose certain sanitary requirements on containers and cargos from some African countries.

China Attempts to Broaden Sectors that Welcome Foreign Investment

China's state planner recently issued a draft of the catalogue of sectors in which foreign investment is encouraged. The draft expanded the encouraged sectors to cover agriculture, equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as technical services. It also encourages investment in China's northeastern, central and western regions.

China Lifts Ten-Month Import Ban on Cattle from Laos

China's Customs recently announced that it will lift a 2021 ban on cattle and related products from Laos, effectively immediately.

China Suspends Sheep, Goat Imports from Mongolia Due to Disease Outbreak

China's Customs recently announced that it would start suspending sheep, goat and related products from Mongolia.

Beijing Drafts Measures on Cybersecurity in Securities and Futures Sector

China's securities regulator is currently soliciting public comments on a recently issued draft of measures on cybersecurity issues in the securities and futures sector. The comments are due by May 29.

China Drafts Implementing Regulation for Export Controls

China's Ministry of Commerce recently published a draft of its implementing rules for its Export Control Law. The draft is now open for public comments until May 22. Some of the noteworthy elements of the draft are summarized below.

China Allows Wild Aquatic Products from Kenya

China's Customs recently issued documents that will allow imports of wild aquatic products from Kenya, as long as they meet the inspection and quarantine requirements.
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