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China Allows More Aquatic Products from Papua New Guinea

China's customs agency announced new guidelines for imports of wild aquatic products from Papua New Guinea. This announcement opens the door to more aquatic products from the Pacific country, which are also likely to be helped by the lifting of COVID-related import restrictions that had largely curbed seafood imports over

China Opens Door to Brazilian Soy Protein

The Chinese government announced that it will allow imports of soy protein from Brazil, effectively immediately.

China's Regulators Issue New Rules to Rein In Internet Services

Three Chinese agencies in charge of market activities and the internet jointly issued a new set of rules to regulate pop-up windows, with an emphasis on the content and the protection of users' rights.

China Allows Citrus Imports from Iran

China's customs agency has published requirements for importing citrus fruit from Iran.

Chinese Rules on Security Review of Data Outflows Take Effect; More Information on the Review Released

As China's new rules on data exports take effect today, some data will need to pass an official assessment in order to be transferred abroad. To assist the implementation, the Chinese internet watchdog released more information to help companies navigate through the  procedure.

China Allows More Imports from Brazil

China's Customs agency is allowing more imports of goods from Brazil, with new guidelines for imported soybean meal and orange fiber pellets.

China Updates Lists of IP Demonstration and Pilot Cities

China's National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA) updated the lists of demonstration and pilot cities for intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, part of its effort to enhance IPR protection and promote IP.
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