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China Opens Door to French Pork

As a follow up to the Xi-Macron meeting in April.

China Drafts Standards for Auto Data Protection

Recently, the Chinese government issued several drafts of mandatory national standards for automobiles, including on cyber security and management systems, as well as on data recording systems. One of the drafts touches on vehicle designs and settings that would allow cross-border data transfer.

China Follows Through on Deals from Xi-Macron Meeting

As a follow up to the Macron-Xi meeting earlier this month, the Chinese government recently started the domestic process of allowing more French food imports, and moved ahead with the regulatory process for two French GI applications.

More Details on China's Sanctions on Companies Added to Unreliable Entity List

In February, China's Ministry of Commerce sanctioned two U.S. firms, Lockheed Martin Corporation and Raytheon Missiles and Defense, for their arms sales to Taiwan. Today the agency offered more specifics on the sanctions and the sanctioned executives.

CAC Drafts Regulation on Generative AI

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), China's cyber watchdog, issued a draft regulation on generative artificial intelligence services, in an attempt to regulate this emerging technology. The draft sets out certain obligations for the service providers in this field, and is now open to public comments until May 10.

China's Customs Sets Out Regulation as Follow-Up on Malaysia-China Meeting

Today, China's Customs issued the regulatory guidelines for aquaculture feed from Malaysia to be exported to China, after the two sides signed an agreement last month.

China Sanctions U.S. Entities for Supporting Taiwan "Separatist" Forces

In response to the high level official meeting between politicians from the United States and Taiwan last week, China sanctioned two U.S. institutions and four individuals for their engagement in "Taiwan independence" under the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law.
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