Chinese Government Press Conferences

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China's Stance on Industrial Overcapacity

In response to U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's discussion of Chinese industrial overcapacity last week, Vice Finance Minister Liao Min pushed back against Yellen's comments in a press conference. His responses suggest that there is disagreement between the two sides on the scope and seriousness

China Steps Up Efforts to Lure Foreign Investment with New Action Plan

This week, China's State Council published a new action plan to renew the effort to attract foreign investment, highlighting policies in market access, data flows and government procurement.

Beijing Warns of "Necessary Measures" against TikTok Bill

At two press conferences today, Chinese government officials responded to the U.S. bill that would either force a divestment of TikTok or ban the app from the U.S. market, calling it unfair and vowing to take "all necessary measures."

Chinese Foreign Minister: U.S. "Lengthening" Unilateral Sanctions List to a Level of "Unfathomable Absurdity"

At today's press conference on China's foreign policy, Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi criticized the United States "unilateral sanctions list," as well as a conflicting message sent by the European Union on its relationship with China.

MOFCOM Official Outlines Trade Measures at Two Sessions Press Conference

With all eyes on the 14th National People's Congress in Beijing this week, top Chinese officials attended a press conference on the economy today, where they highlighted work in intermediate goods, e-commerce, and green trade as the main ways to expand trade in the year to come.

Beijing Comments on Growing Chinese Auto Exports and Foreign Restrictions

As Chinese auto exports increase rapidly, the scrutiny by foreign governments may intensify. Beijing is likely to use a wide range of tools to fight back while continuing support for its auto industry.

Beijing Calls U.S. Chip Export Controls "Economic Coercion"

At a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs press conference yesterday, a spokesperson was asked about U.S. export restrictions on semiconductors, and responded with criticism of U.S. "coercion" and "bullying."
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