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Australian Trade Minister Talks about "Warm and Friendly Discussion" with Chinese Counterpart

In the latest of several media interviews this week, Australia's Trade Minister has sounded positive on the prospects for continued improvements in the Australia-China trade relationship.

Reports Indicate Australian Coal Exports To China Starting Up Again

As part of a broader thaw in China-Australia trade relations, Australian exports of coal to China are resuming, according to media reports.

China Easing Restrictions on Australian Coal Exports

Several recent media reports indicate that China may be removing some restrictions on Australian coal imports, which could be a first step towards a broader easing of Australia-China trade conflict.

Australian Treasurer Comments on Chinese Coal Import Restrictions; China Responds

A possible easing of tensions in China-Australia relations continues, as reports suggest that China is set to lift a ban on Australian coal. When asked about the possibility, the Australian Treasurer called it a "welcome step" but noted that it had "not yet been officially confirmed."

China Announces 11 Month Coal Tariff Cut

Beijing announced that it would temporarily cut tariffs for all coal imports to zero for 11 months, starting on May 1, 2022. As many coal imports already enjoy zero tariffs, it is unclear how much this policy would impact the volume of coal imports.

Australian Senator Raises Concern About Chinese-Owned Port Restricting Coal Exports

In an Australian parliamentary session this week, Senator Sarah Henderson raised concerns about the Newcastle, Australia port, which is 50% owned by a Chinese state-owned company, imposing restrictions on coal exports. This has been a recurring issue that has arisen several times in recent months, in the context of a

Australia Raises Various Chinese Trade Restrictions at WTO State-Trading Enterprise Meeting

It has been widely reported in the media that Australia-China trade relations have deteriorated in recent months. Some aspects of this issue have been discussed in WTO committees and other bodies. At the May 3 meeting of the WTO’s Working Party on State-Trading Enterprises, for which the minutes were
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